Problem with Microsoft Bluetooth notebook mouse 5000 in Vista

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I have tried everything so far, and nothing helps.

I have installed the IntelliPoint 6.2, but it doesn't work. My Sony Vaio Vista recognizes the devices, but I can’t move it or use it at all. When I go to its properties and click on Buttons the following message appears:

Some mouse settings might not work until you connect a Microsoft mouse to a USB port on your computer or set up a Microsoft mouse that uses Bluetooth technology.

I already tried to configure a Bluetooth device on a Windows-based computer.And my computer recognizes this mouse, and tells me that the recognition was successfully completed, but immediately afterwards a window pops up saying:

New Hardware found Windows needs to install controller software for unknown device

And I have three choices, “Search and Install Controller Software, Ask me
later, or don’t show this message again.

I have tried all but none work. When I choose the first one (which is the only one that continues my process) it lasts about 20 seconds when a new window appears saying:

Windows found a problem while installing the device's controller software. Windows found controller software for the device but an error was encountered while trying to install it.

Then some longer explanation is also in this window saying something about the device missing a necessary entry.

Any ideas please?

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Problem with Microsoft Bluetooth notebook mouse 5000 in Vista



  • Go to the start menu
  • Type services.msc word in the start box and press enter.
  • You will see a programs list, and you have to click Services from the programs list.
  • If it wants administrator password then type password and then click continue.

Solution 2: If you can’t connect the Bluetooth device then follow the below-

  • You have to press the connection button from the bottom of the mouse and hold for a while.
  • If battery indicator light is available on your mouse then it will show a color between red and green and you will be confirmed that Bluetooth mouse is discoverable.
  • Go to start menu and click on the control panel option.
  • Go to the Hardware and sound and click on the Add a device which is located on the device and printers.
  • Microsoft Bluetooth mouse don’t need a passkey for connection. If it wants a passkey then selects no passkey.
  • When you get the no passkey option then enter 0000  by your keyboard   as a passkey.
  • If you will be failed to connect the Bluetooth then go to the troubleshoot option and select Bluetooth troubleshoot.


  • Turn on your mouse by pressing the button which is located at the bottom of the mouse.
  • You should check that batteries are weak or strong. If the batteries are weak then you should purchase new batteries.  Remove the battery cover and replace the weak batteries by new batteries.
  • You have to check windows configuration issues. Your Bluetooth mouse must be configured by windows device.
  • Go to start menu and click control panel
  • Then click on the Hardware and sound
  • Click on the Bluetooth device and wait for a while when the Bluetooth device window will be opening.
  •  After opening Bluetooth device window go to the option tab and click on the Allow Bluetooth device to connect to this computer.
  • If it is not checked already then you have to install your Bluetooth mouse device properly. Then try to reconnect the Bluetooth device and I hope it will be connected.

Solution 4: if you can’t resolve the problem then setup Windows XP in your computer. Remember that it must be SP2 Not SP3 because SP2 is the first operating system which supports all kind of Bluetooth device.

 For windows XP

  • Go to start menu and click the RUN
  • Type  the word services.msc press enter
  • You will see some programs list and double click on the Bluetooth Support option.
  • If the Bluetooth support service is being stopped then click start.
  • Go to the  Startup type list and click Automatic
  • Go to the log on tab
  • Then you have to go to local system account
  • Then you have to click ok
  • If the computer needs restart then restart your computer and keep it 10 minute without plugging.
  • Start your computer and try to reconnect your Bluetooth mouse by above method. I hope you can connect your Bluetooth mouse.

Solution 5: If above method will not work then you have to update your latest driver for your device and install them.

I hope your Bluetooth mouse will work.

Otherwise you have to purchase new Bluetooth mouse.   

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Problem with Microsoft Bluetooth notebook mouse 5000 in Vista


As much as is known there is no known transceiver listed for the MS device listed in the “applies to section”.

Usually the connection for Bluetooth devices on computers rely on the Bluetooth technology implemented on the computer. In this instance a mouse will rely on the transceiver inbuilt to the computer on which the mouse is to be connected.

If the steps in this piece do not bring about a solution to your issue then you may need to get in touch with your specific computer’s manufacturer and let them tell you how to handle the Bluetooth service on the computer and the procedure for adding a

Bluetooth device to the computer.
The procedure for ensuring that the Bluetooth service is turned on for your computer is highlighted below:
You will need to access the Microsoft management console for snap in devices through the following steps.
Click on the start button
Expand this image but first ensure that you have collapsed this image
Input the following command in the search area at the start button and press the return key (you can copy the command and then paste it to avoid issues with syntax)
Connecting the Bluetooth device to the computer
Locate the connect button on the mouse and long press it. If your device is powered (usually by a battery) then some form of visual cue such as a red and blue indication light should blink
On your machine, you will need to access or run the Bluetooth software found in the control panel in most cases. To learn more about opening the Bluetooth software feel free to visit the “how to open Bluetooth software” section
On the devices tab select add and follow the instruction that follow.
In most instances a Bluetooth mouse does not require a pass key to connect to the computer, indeed there is the option of disabling the requirement of a pass key.
However in the event that it does in your instance then you may try 0000. 
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Problem with Microsoft Bluetooth notebook mouse 5000 in Vista


When we connect Bluetooth in our PC, it indicates. Bluetooth has several other versions of software it has to be installed according to our usage. Bluetooth is situated between the control panel and the light blinks when it is connected.

Computer manufacturers Install different software to their computers.

So its better to get the information from computer manufacturers or get into their websites for more information’s.

We can set this Bluetooth software in mouse or keyboard, with the help of a device. It has to be installed in a USB drive.

We could find the help of technical supporters from the manufacturers before installing Bluetooth software in computer.

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