Experiencing lag windows 7 hp wireless keyboard

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I am experiencing some lag Windows 7 HP wireless keyboard. You see, I am typing but what appears on my screen is that I am still typing. I do not think I have a problem with my PC because I just had it repaired and Window 7 installed. How can thus lag go?

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Experiencing lag windows 7 hp wireless keyboard


Well, Dorothy, you have many options to confirm that the lag isn't caused by your hardware (the keyboard itself).

1. Unplug your keyboard dongle and replace it with another USB port.

2. Make sure you're not using Microsoft Plug and Play driver, sometimes it's the reason for these situations.

Download the driver and software from your keyboard vendor.

3. Do an antivirus check on your local hard disks, maybe this is why it is lagging?

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Experiencing lag windows 7 hp wireless keyboard



Try using another keyboard, if it still lags then probably there's a problem with your system.

Or vice versa, try using the keyboard on another computer. If it lags then the keyboard has the problem.

Otherwise, check your "Filter Keys" function. Make sure it is off. Here's how to do it:

* Click on the "Start" menu on the lower left of your monitor.

* Look for "Control Panel" then click it, followed by "Ease of Access Center."

* Click on "Make the keyboard easier to use" option.

* Make sure that the following are disabled: "Turn on Filter Keys," "Turn on Toggle Keys" and "Turn on Sticky Keys."

* Then click "Setup Sticky Keys and Set up Filter Keys", uncheck the "Turn on Sticky Keys when SHIFT is pressed five times" and uncheck also "Turn on Filter Keys when SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds" options and hit "Apply."

* Lastly, click OK to save your changes on the Ease of Access Center Window.


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