Using more than one monitor simultaneously

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Hello! I am a Windows 7 user and I have this question. Is it possible to have more than one display at a single time. I intend to do this by using multiple monitors but is it actually practically possible? I want to play games on one monitor and surf the web on the other. Thanks in advance!

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Using more than one monitor simultaneously


It is not at all difficult to set up multiple monitors.

This can be done by using hardware solution. 

A video card that has multiple connections.

Installing video cards that support multiple display or multiple video cards.

Laptop/desktop dual view mode: This duplicates what is being displayed on the computer or even stretches it either horizontally or vertically.

This can be done by:

In the control Panel, select the display icon.

Select settings. In it select secondary display that is connected to your computer.

Then, Check Extend my windows desktop.

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Using more than one monitor simultaneously

Good day!
The good thing with multiple screens, you'll increase your productivity work-wise. For PC Gamers they'll get what they want to achieve. It is easier to get products like these now rather than acquiring it 5-10 years ago. It is still quite expensive to buy a dual monitor video cards nowadays but it is far expensive before. The good thing in our technology is that as it improves the price gets cheaper.
It is off course possible to use multiple monitors. Please be informed that you have to upgrade your video card if you need better results.
NVIDIA as one of the leading video card manufacturers do offer wide range of solutions in establishing multiple monitors for your system.

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