Connect one printer with two computer

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My HP laserjet 1020 printer is connected with my Desktop. Recently I purchase a laptop.

I want to connect that printer with my laptop without disconnecting desktop.

What is the cheapest way to connect both desktop and laptop. My budget is too small. Describe me in details.

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Connect one printer with two computer

  • There are three ways to connect a printer to multiple computers.I will explain all of them.
  • this is the cheapest and the easiest way to connect a printer to multiple computers.Simply plug the printer in one of the computers and set it up as shared printer over the network.It requires that the computer to which printer is connected be switched on for the other computer to access the printer.
  • Second Way:
  • The 2nd way is to buy a printer change over switch.the computers are connected to the input terminals of the switch while the printer is connected to the output of the switch.the switch automatically switches between the computers so that the computers are independent of each other.
  • Third Way:
  • third way is perhaps the most expensive of all but it is most this you have to buy a printer server. plug the printer in the printer server and the Ethernet connection from the print server into and spare port on your router and set up the printer as a network printer on each computer.

hope this helps


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Connect one printer with two computer


You can purchase a Data Switch which will be use as a device or to bridge 2 computers to connect in just one printer. Usually Data Switch has 4 inputs and one output. Other type of data switch is 1 input and four outputs. But this device is not widely known today because of the innovations of computer.

Another thing you can do is to buy and Cross-Link cable, internet connect your laptop and desktop computer using this cable. This is what we called the peer to peer connection. Peer to peer connection is one of the networking prototypes. And share the printer in your desktop so that your laptop may access or use the printer for printing.

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