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I tried to run a web-based application when this error message popped up on my screen (see below for the screenshot). 

I checked my connection to the internet, and it seemed fine. 

I didn’t know which server the message is referring to. I have searched the web, but I couldn’t find any resolution. 

Kindly help me resolve this problem. 


Message - Web Page dialog

Cannot communicate with the server

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It could be that their system is down.

Solution 1:

If their system is down, then you don't have any choice but to simply wait for it to be up again. This normally happens when they are performing a maintenance or they are doing some changes in the system. Also look for information in then internet that they have give a notice that they are doing this.

Solution 2:

Try going the website of the app you are running and contact their support, this way they will give information on what to do in this circumstance. You can also try reinstall the web app.