Forms that I can add to make it more dynamic to visitors

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I want to know more about input elements. How many types of input elements are there? What are the attributes in each element and what are the tags to use? Con you show me how to implement each in a web page? What is radio and reset element in HTML/HTML 5? What is the use of each and how can I implement it in my web page? What is the difference between submit element and reset element? How to use this and implement it in my web page?

Your answer will be much appreciated!

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Forms that I can add to make it more dynamic to visitors


Hello Young!

There are several input elements in HMTL.

1.  TEXT produces a single line entry and allows the user to enter character / string data. The attributes that we can use are NAME, SIZE, MAXLENGTH, and VALUE.

Example: <INPUT TYPE=”TEXT” NAME=”name of the input text” SIZE=”n” MAXLENGTH=”n” VALUE=”default value”> where n is a numeric value.

2.  PASSWORD produces the same with text. They share the same attributes only characters entered in to the textbox are hidden. Instead of displaying the letters you typed, asterisk (*) will appear in the box. All attributes will be the same with TEXT.

Example: Caption or Label <INPUT TYPE=”PASSWORD” NAME=”name of the input password” SIZE=”n” MAXLENGTH=”n” VALUE=”default value”>.

3.  TEXTAREA is a container tag that allows the web page visitor to enter free-form text information in an open-ended edit field. The attributes can be used will be NAME, ROWS, and COLS.

Example: <TEXTAREA NAME=”name of the value” ROWS=n COLS=n> default value</TEXTAREA>

4.  CHECKBOX permits the use to select one or more options from the group of selections by ticking the boxes. The attributes we can use will be NAME, VALUE, and CHECKED.

Example: <INPUT TYPE=”CHECKBOX” NAME=”name of the checkbox” CHECKED>

5.  RADIO this is an element to display a list of choices. It allows only one option to be selected.

The attributes we can use will be the same with CHECKBOX.

Example: <INPUT TYPE=”RADIO” NAME=”name of the button” VALUE=”value” CHECKED>

6.  RESET creates a button that clears the inputted values in the screen. The only attribute we can use is VALUE.

Example: <INPUT TYPE=”RESET” VALUE=”your text”>

7.  SUBMIT collects and submit the data to the server. The only attribute we can use is VALUE.

Example: <INPUT TYPE=”SUBMIT” VALUE=”Click to submit the input”>


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