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My little brother always complains about his errors that he commits in this lab of physics. Can you please help me in getting an idea about the common sources of errors in physics labs? Reply ASAP.

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Hi Troubleshooters,

After the successful installation of Desktop Execution Trace toolkit version in the computer, I was stuck up with this error message. The error stated that VI server access denied. I do not more details about the error. I am very confused so please guide me. Thanks a lot.   



Sequence Editor

LabVIEW: VI Server access denied.

Error code: -18002, LabVIEW reported an error. See ‘LabVIEW:’ message for more details.

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I would like to import a few files from Excel that contain data in two rows each via LABTALK I want to use that data to plot an XY coordinate graph. I have written a script but was unsuccessful in importing the files. Please help me with the correct code. Thanks.

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I have written a code using Origin 9.0.0 that contains a loop which produces plots with curves. Each row consists of a certain rows that fit together in a non linear function. The code I have written uses old nlsf commands but the problem is that I cannot make it to paste the parameters of each plot. I have tried

nlsf.pasteToPlot = 1;

nlsf.pasteToPlot = 2;


 but this did not work. Please provide me the correct code that enables me to paste the parameters correctly. Thanks

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Hello fellow members.  I'm new to this so please bear with me.  I'm trying to use LabVIEW 2010,  How do I build a UI with indicators and controls?  I can't find the tools palette.  Can someone here teach me the LabVIEW GUI concept?  I'm on Windows 7.  Thanks.

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I am receiving the Error -50103 "specified resource is reserved" when I try to write multiple simultaneous waveforms with a phase shift to multiple analog output channels. Why do I get the error? How do I prevent this?

The specified resource is reserved. The operation could not be completed as specified. Task Name: _unnamedTask<3>

Error -50103 occurred at DAQmx Write (Analog DBL 1Chan 1Samp). VI: 1

Possible reason(s):

The specified resource is reserved. The operation could not be completed as specified.

Task Name: _unnamedTask<3>

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Hi everyone.

I have a problem with Hokuyo URG-04LX lidar.

This is supposed to work well with LabVIEW but when I run a sample program I got this error.

I have tried running sample programs included in Hokuyo driver before and they work just fine.

How do I configure this?


Hokuyo URG Series Configure and Acquire Data.vi

Error – 1074000350 occurred at Hokuyo URG Series.lvlib:Error Query.vi

Possible reason(s):


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I got a LabView scripting error 7 whenever I run this particular application on a PC.  The path I used was correct and wondered why the error happened.  Anyone who could help me with this kind of problem?  I tried the internet but I couldn’t find any appropriate solution.

Error 7 occurred at Call Library Function Node in NetComm_UsageReport_report.vi:1->/WPI_MotorControlOpen Jaguar.v->WPI_RobotDriveOpen4MotorWithJaguar.vi->holonomic fina.vi

Possible reason(s):

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What are the difference between C ++ and LabViews object-oriented programming(OOP). Which program has better flexibility and maintainability in programming?

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Hello everyone,

I am newbie to LabVIEW, can I perform Labview VIs static code analysis? Is this a compiler or interpreter language? Can anyone tell me the validation of Labview Application?


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