Error when merging two disks

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I have a problem with an error that comes out when I try to merge my hard drive partition D to another partition E which is empty. I am using Windows XP Professional and also the partition D has a lot of free space more than the 121 MB that the error presents.

Error message:

The first partition (D: local Disk) requires 12119KB of data to be freed to perform the merge.

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Error when merging two disks

To avoid the error NTFS partition by Disk Management Utility can be used for a smooth operation


1. Right click on "My Computer" and select "Manage", In the Computer Management then click "disk management". Disk Management will shows in detail the condition and availability of partitions and disk drives. There is the C: and D: and free space on the Disk 0. look at this screen:


2. Right click on any partition that you wish to resize, and select either Extend or Shrink (either to enlarge or to reduce the size) as per the requirements


3. Select the "Shrink Volume…" here you can input the amount of space you want to shrink, remember that cannot exceed the size of available shrink space.

Note: system partition just supports to shrink partition to one half at most


Then click the "Shrink" button to automate the operation. The size will reduce online immediately.



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