How to create partition to my hard drive?

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I need help on how can I create partition on my hard drive so I can have a separate location for windows and my files.


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How to create partition to my hard drive?


There's a program named "Partition Magic". Buy and install it. After that, run the program and follow instruction.

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How to create partition to my hard drive?


If you are using a blank hard drive with new windows installation, then you can partition your hard disk before installing windows via the windows installation CD.

In Windows XP installation setup, press C and follow instructions to partition or D to delete existing partitions and repartition.

For windows 7/Vista setup, click "Drive Options(advanced)", upon seeing that window is visible, then continue with the partitioning.

Note :- Partitioning via windows setup erase data in hard drive 

But if you have already installed windows, then it is better to use a software tool to partition hard disk such as:

1. GParted 
2. Paragon Partition Manager
3. Partition Logic
4. EASEUS FREE Partition Manager Software
5. Ranish Partition Manager

With the above software, you can graphically manage disk partitions while preserving content in the Hard drive.

Thank you.

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How to create partition to my hard drive?


There are two situations in disk partitioning. One is, creating partitions when you format your operating system, and the other is, creating a partition without formatting your hard disk. There will be options for you when you want to partition your hard disk, if you are going to format your computer. But when you just want to create partitions without formatting the disk, the simplest way is to have a partition management software like Disk Director, Magic partition, Paragon Partition Manager or EASEUS Partition Master software.

You can download any of this software to be used for resizing, creating, or deleting partitions.

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How to create partition to my hard drive?


Hi friends!

You can use this easy method for partitioning your hard disk. It is very simple. Thus, I think anyone can do this in a very short time. And it's also a very friendly way to partition your drive. Now, follow these steps to make partition of windows XP operation system. 

  1. Right click My computer then select Manage.
  2. When the Manage screen appears, then select disk management from the left side.
  3. Now, right click the hard drive on which you want to make a partition and select new partition.
  4. Determine how much drive space you want to allocate for each partition.
  5. Then, the newly created partition will require that windows provide you automatically.
  6. Finally, you just reboot your computer.
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How to create partition to my hard drive?


Making partition is a very important thing to know before your operating system is installed. So, before you begin to install your operating system, you should have already planned the drive partition you need to create and its space allocation.

It is risky for us to re-partition a hard disk if we have already done it during our installation of the operating system or if the drive or partition is already filled with important files.

If you have an extra hard disk drive, you don’t need to partition the hard disk drive during the operating system installation. You can partition it on your disk management tools under your windows operating system. Just right click My Computer, then select manage, then click the disk management group from the left pane of the window. Right click each drive to see the options you need.

Making partition during installation of operating system is instant. You will be given a chance to change or create partition. Just follow the installation wizard.

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