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Hi guys.

I was using TrueCrypt software for mounting my newly created volumes for encryption purpose by using its auto-mount wizard. But every time I try to mount the volumes the following error occurs

“Your system is not configured to auto-mount new volumes. It may be

possible to mount device-hosted TrueCrypt volumes.

Auto-mounting can be enabled by executing the following command

and restarting the system.


I even followed the hint given that auto-mounting can be enabled by executing the command “mountvol.exe /E” and then restarted my PC but the same error occurs every time.  Anyone who had been using this software and is aware of what the error is about and how to use auto-mount wizard, just let me know please.

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Go to control panel, remove the application software, reinstall it, make sure your windows xp installation is ok, there is no dll or inf file is missing, if confusion reinstall windows xp and install the software, hope problem will solve.



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I think that command, mountvol.exe /E, needs to be executed every time you start the computer so that it can initialize the auto-mounting of the drives. If this is the case, you need to put that command in the Environment Variables of Windows so that the command will be executed every time the computer starts and will automatically initialize the mounting of the drives.

  • To put the command in the Environment Variables of Windows, right-click on My Computer then select Properties.
  • Click on Advanced tab then Environment Variables which is found at the lower part of the window.

  • Under System variables, click New.

  • Type any variable name you want under Variable name to give the command its label then enter the command under Variable value. Replace the <path> with the right path or location of the mountvol.exe file. For example, C:\ProgramFiles\TrueCrypt\mountvol.exe /E. Then click OK.

Sharath Reddy