My windows installer is not working

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Hi folks,

Windows Installer keeps trying to load a program (Hp Camera software) which I don't have any more. No Disc, and the files cannot be found on my hard drive.( a .MSI file).

I went to add/remove programs and get the same message, every time I open a program or go online or if the computer is just sitting.  Windows installer pops-up, asking for the source disc or file. How can I stop this?


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My windows installer is not working


Prove(Try) the following steps. It must help anyone.
Re to register the installation engineClick in Beginning> Accessories> symbol of the system.
In the commands line(figure), scribe MSIExec / to eliminate of the record, and then Enter and scribe MSIExec pulsates / regserver
Now try to install or reinstall the program again.

Clean its way of CD or DVDIf one try to install the program from a CD or DVD, use a disc CD or DVD, kit of cleanliness.
You can also Clean the silver it departs from the disc, with a soft cotton cloth and without fluffs. Insure of that not to use role(paper) or rough(harsh) rags since this can rule the plastic or they leave spots that can damage the disc. Make sure that you should clean the disc from the going movement and not to circulate of the center.
If you use a humid cloth or a commercial disc, solution of cleanliness, clean the disc completely, before inserting it in the unit(unity).

To copy installation files to its computerIf it uses a way extraíble or externally to install the program, to copy the installation files from there to the drive of hard disk of its computer and execute the installation file, from this place. Generally it is called autorun.exe or setup.exe. If you are not sure, consult the file Readme of the folder of configuration about how initiating the installation.
If there is no file.exe in the installation folder, it is not recommended to execute files.msi straight.

Completion of other programs that are executed in the team(equipment).Click in Beginning and write msconfig in the search picture.
In the 'General' card, click in 'Selective beginning' and, next, click to deactivate the cross-check pigeonhole 'to Load beginning elements'.
Click in the card 'Services', click in 'Concealing all the services of Microsoft' and, next, click in 'Deactivating all'.

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My windows installer is not working


Hi, have you tried to search for that particular HP programs on the Internet? If you still remember the name, just Google it. If you find any, download it. Now when the Windows Installer pops up again, just give it the new downloaded program.

If you can't find it on the Internet, then follow these steps:
Go to Control Panel
Select Administrative Tools
Select Services
Find any services that you think is related to your HP software. Look on each of those services' description and see if one of them mentions "HP" or "Hewlett Packard".
If you find one, right click on it, select Properties.
On the Startup Type, change from "Automatic" to "Disable"
Close all windows. Go to Start > type msconfig
On General tab, choose "Selective Startup", and only check the "load startup items"
Go to Services tab, uncheck all Microsoft Corporation services. Also, find any HP related service, if you found any, uncheck it too.
Click OK. Restart your system.
When it starts, it will give you a notice that, you are running in msconfig mode. Check the box in the window and select OK.
Now go to Control Panel and remove the HP software.
Go to msconfig again and select normal startup.

Hope it fixes it:)

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