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I am having a problem in my DELL portable XPS M1530 during the time of installing windows on it. In the diagnostic test an error is generated showing Error Code 2000-0146.

I am confused with the problem and not able to solve using troubleshoot.

I’m waiting for your suggestions to solve this issue.



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The error code 2000-0146 means that a portion of your hard drive is malfunctioning. Fortunately, this problem is just fixable. Unscrew the screws that hold your hard drive in place and replace the old cover on the hard drive you just bought. Screw them back and reload your software's and programs.

Basically, you have to buy a new hard drive. If you did that well, your computer will then work properly now. But of course, you would have to check the specifications so that your hard drive would be compatible with your computer.

Another solution worth trying is to remove your Random Access Memory or RAM and clean it. Again, it is your hard drive malfunctioning so to avoid this from happening again.

Your computer should have maintenance.


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You first need to know if the drive needs to be replaced or not. To do that, remove the hard drive and re-install it back properly. You should be able to see the instructions on how to do it through your service manual.

When you have put it back, do a diagnostic. Once the computer is starting up, click F12 to open the boot menu. Then select Boot To utility Partition. Hit Enter.

The Diagnostics will now start.

Select Test System and do an Express Test.

If an error shows up that’s the signal for you to replace your drive.

If there’s none you can now enjoy using your laptop. :)