Error 651 in my Windows 7

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I have a PC freshly formatted with Windows 7 Professional Windows XP Home Premium Edition. When you try to connect to a wireless connection, I continue this 651 error and could not have a tight connection. When you run diagnostics for the network connection, it seems that the local area connection does not have a valid IP configuration. I did everything possible to solve this problem, but none solves the problem. I checked the cables and everything is properly connected. I tried using other devices to check if I can find in my router, and can positively recognize the router.

Error 651: The modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error.

I checked elsewhere in my mom's House and discovered that raspppoe.sys has something to do with it. And this is a common problem with Windows 7 and Windows Vista, since it is incorporated. Restart manually the TCP/IP, type netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt in the windows command line. I also put this TCP/IP on automatic.

I have also checked if the modem is installed correctly, but my ISP provider confirmed that my internet has updated drivers. Can anyone help me? How can I resolve the problem? O means that I have to go back to my old operating system? Or do I need to change my modem?

My router is a Linksys WRT54G with double antenna connected to the DSL modem.

Thank you.

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Error 651 in my Windows 7


I think your problem. They have done with a method to reset the TCP/IP. It generally manages to solve problems for her. But if not, then you can try this second method.

Replace the raspppoe.sys in the Windows/System32/Drivers directory. This problem is due to windows 7 files problem, mainly with PPPoE driver raspppoe.sys file can find this file in c: Windows > system32 > drivers, main problem folder are the root cause. But modifying that file may solve your problem.

To solve this problem simply rename the original file of raspppoe.sys to something different from another copy of a working file from a Windows Vista system. You can get this Windows Vista system files from here down just download unzip and put t c: Windows > system32 > drivers folder

Another method you can try are:

1) Windows system restore

Some of the report's users via a Windows system restore point from an earlier date could solve the problem, especially if you have any updated/installed software on your PC that caused the error.

(2) Uninstall Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 – uninstalling Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, the problem seems to be fixed.

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Error 651 in my Windows 7


This works. And for added resolution I re-install the driver for my LAN. Things are always easy here in because we have people like you. Thank you so much.

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