Email Error 421 with Internet security 2011…..

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I get an occasional email error message when sending an email, saying "Email Error 421 – could not send – try again later."

I am using Microsoft Outlook 2007 with Windows 7 64-bit, and Internet Security 2011. IS 2011 is an updated installation over IS 2010. This was never a problem with IS 2010.
I looked for online solutions, the only thing I found was on the Business side of the Norton site, which said this was a known error but unresolved at present, and to Turn Off Email Scanning. I did this, but have no idea if it solved the problem since it is an intermittent issue. Also, IS now says "attention needed" and asks me to "fix it now."
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Email Error 421 with Internet security 2011…..

Hi Rahulpls,
When did this issue start? Have you made any changes on your computer before this happened? What email are you using (Gmail, yahoo mail, etc.)?
In the meantime here is what I suggest:
1. To make sure that there is no problem with your email provider, you need to log in to webmail first. If you are using Gmail, log in to If there is no problem with your log-in. Compose a message and send it to yourself. Why? Because this is another way of testing if there is no problem with your email server. If you are able to send email and receive, then your email server is OK.
2. Before checking your Norton Internet security. Make sure configurations in your Microsoft Outlook is correct. Email server like and ports are correct. If you are uncertain about your settings, reply back with the type of email you are using and I'd be happy to look that one up for you.
If the email configurations are wrong, incoming mail server or outgoing mail server, then that is one cause of having problems sending and receiving.
3. If all settings are correct and what is left is your internet security, usually customers would just call customer service for this. But here is what you can do first before going thru the trouble of calling, open your Norton >> Check Email Protection >> Turn if off FOR THE MEANTIME.
Close and reopen your Outlook. Try to do a test mail to send and receive. If it's not working. Go to network settings of your Norton. Disable Anti Spam for Email Protection. I had a lot of customers having problems because their Internet Security is being over protective and is creating problems with their email.
By the way, may as well check the Intrusion Prevention category for you Norton, which is also found under Network Settings.
Always Click Apply and then OK for changes. Always close and then reopen Microsoft Outlook 2007 to refresh your Outlook.
If you have "attention need", it is either your Norton has detected a virus and needs attention or the expiry for the trial version.
Tell me if this has helped you or not, I would be happy to look further into this.


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Email Error 421 with Internet security 2011…..



I can help you with the issue on your computer. I suggest you to check the following on your computer.

> Make sure your computer’s date and time is correct.

> Since you have tried turning off the Email scanning and it did not help, try disabling the Norton Antivirus for 15 minutes from the task bar and try sending the mail.

> Also, please check whether the Outlook application has been configured correctly.

> If this does not help you, try updating your Norton Internet Security to the latest version.

> You can update to the latest version without making any additional payment.

> To download the latest version of Norton Internet Security, visit the link

> Download and install the application and it will automatically sync your product key.

> Now, you’ll be able to send mails with Outlook applications.

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.

ry disabling the Norton Antivirus for 15 minutes from the task bar and try sending the mail.

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