How can I protect my computer

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What should I do if i found that someone knew my password?

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How can I protect my computer



It would have been very helpful if you could provide the question in detail like; which portal user password has been accessed unathorizedly? Who is the user? and the like.

Anyways, I could give you the solution assuming that your Gmail password has been known to other users. Just follow these steps:

  1. Immediately change your password, if password is still accessible. Give strong password with minimum of 8 characters which includes numbers, alpha-numerics, and capital letters.
  2. Make security questions for added account security.
  3. Don't ever give your passwords to your friends.
  4. Change the password every month.

I hope you got the solution.



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How can I protect my computer


If someone knows your password then you are on a big risk. If you an individual will be able to steal your info and also be able to take your important files, then all of these will leak. One can use your computer and can do anything with whether you do not desire or gave your permission.

To protect yourself, you need to take these steps:

  1. First of all, change your password on regular basis.
  2. Change your password every week and make sure that it is not matching with your previous one.
  3. Set a password which is strong and is not accessible to others easily.
  4. Every time you set password, make sure you tell it to no body and it is only in your mind.
  5. Keep all the files with a backup and make sure that a restore point is always there to work on.

Take these steps and you will be insured with your system security.

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