How to have an assurance for secure online transaction

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Online shopping is very common nowadays, since today's age is via technologies and online.

When customers pay their orders over the internet, how can the customer or the buyer and the seller have the assurance to have a secure online transaction without any third party to open the sent transaction?

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How to have an assurance for secure online transaction


It’s a good thing to have reputable online security software to avoid man in the middle attacks. I recommend Kaspersky and Avast. But this doesn’t make you secure.

When you know a password for a certain service ,this is referred to as single factor authentication, because you know something used to secure that bit of information. A more secure approach is two-factor authentication — either knowing two bits of information, which is weaker security (but better than single factor), or having access to another security measure, whether it's an sms’d password, token generator or biometric authentication measure.

This way, the payment gateway authenticates something you have and something you know, thus reducing the risk that if only one of those bits of information gets into the wrong hands.

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