How can Gmail account be more secure?

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Anyone can access a Gmail account anonymously by answering some normal security questions.

Then, how can Gmail accounts be more secure?

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How can Gmail account be more secure?


You're right. It is fairly easy to get access to a Gmail account using the loop hole in the security question, password recovery option. I remembered seeing the article about the bug in 2008. However, Google was quick to introduce a solution to the problem. 

Here’s the solution from Google:

  1. From your Gmail account window, click Settings (at the top right hand section of the window, the little sprocket thingy)
  2. Search for the option that says ‘Browser Connection’ and set it to ‘Always use https’.
  3. Click ‘Save Changes’ and reload Gmail.

This is of course only one method. There are numerous others, including:

  • not opening weird or suspicious emails
  • ensuring that when signing-in, the correct address is at the address bar
  • installing Malware software to protect your computer
  • general things that you normally do to protect your privacy from intruders
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How can Gmail account be more secure?


I think you are mistaken about that. The security questions that will be asked, in case someone tried to access another person’s email account, can only be answered by the owner of the email account unless you also know the answers to the questions. Of course, there’s no one preventing you from answering the security questions but if you’ve already tried many times and you still can’t answer any of the questions, it will trigger an alert to the owner the next time he or she logs in.

Google will inform him or her that someone tried to access his or her account and the password should be changed for security reasons. The security questions are selected by the owner and the answers to these questions are personal information about the owner. Unless you know the background of the owner, his or her family, or any information, there’s no way you can access the email account if you are only relying on the security questions.

The security question or questions will only appear if a suspicious activity was detected on the email account and if the password was entered incorrectly for a specific number of times. Normally, it will not appear for every successful login.

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