Avoid and stop spam email

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I have two email accounts in Yahoo. In my old account, there are more than 800 spams while in my new account, not more than five. What is wrong with my old email account? How can I stop receiving spam and how can I avoid spam for my new email.


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Avoid and stop spam email


Hi Dear,

Here are some instructions:

  • Do not open spam emails. Move such type of emails to spam. Cynically, spammers often include an ‘unsubscribe’ link. Far from removing the menace, clicking it will confirm that your address is active and probably attract even more spams.
  • Use rough email address for buying online or writing to newsgroups.
  • If you find that you are getting a lot of spam at this address, you can simply delete it and set up another.
  • Many of the remaining messages can be blocked using a spam filter. Be aware that some filters operate a ‘whitelisting’ system – in other words, you have to actively mark an email address as ‘not spam’ or messages will go straight into a folder entitled ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk’.


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Avoid and stop spam email


You can create a filter for such purpose.

The main purpose of filter is to see the mails that contain false information or have non relevant data. These filters are used to separate the spam emails in your inbox.
To set filter in Yahoo, go to mail options. Here, under filters, create filters for improper mails and mail address. Now, you will see that the messages not relevant to your work will go to the spam folder and will be deleted after few days. You can also block the user account from those you do not want to receive messages.
That's it; I hope you will enjoy it a lot.
Jigger irfan

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