DVD Drive Reading cds only

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My DVD drive is not reading any DVD. I tried to open my computer and clicked on the CD/drive icon and it says please insert any disk into the drive.

Whenever I put the CD into my drive it plays well but whenever I try to play a DVD just light blinks for some time but nothing happens.

I bought a new DVD drive which works well with only CDs I have purchased, but it doesn't recognize CD/DVDs written by me or someone else, I think it is a software problem but does anyone have any advice what can i do or where to start, thanks.

I am using Nero Express to burn a CD in Windows Vista.

Is there anything of which i can repair my old DVD drive by opening it or by upgrading its firmware?

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DVD Drive Reading cds only


The problem with your first DVD drive is hardware related. This type of problem is usually caused by dust accumulating on the lens, loss of laser power or alignment over time. In case of accumulating dust, you can try out a good quality lens cleaner or cleaning the lens manually by opening the drive.

But always be sure to disconnect the drive from any power source when you open it, as the laser radiation is harmful. But if it is loss of power or alignment of laser, it is not possible to repair this easily. You cannot repair it by opening or firmware upgrade.

The problem with your new Drive can be software or hardware related. If you can, please try installing this drive to any other computer to see if it can read the recorded CD/DVDs on that setting. If it can, the problem is software related and you might need to reinstall the drivers of the drive from your device manager. 

You can also try reinstalling Nero to see if it helps. You can also try reformatting/reinstalling your operating system if you can. It may also be a problem with the setting with which you are burning the DVDs. Try some old recorded CD/DVD which worked with your old drive previously to see if this drive can read them.

If the drive still cannot read recorded CD/DVDs while connected in another computer, it may be hardware or firmware related. If you got a warranty, try contacting the dealer to replace it. You can also try a firmware upgrade here.

For more troubleshooting, you can visit this page,


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DVD Drive Reading cds only



These are some step for troubleshooting your DVD drive.

First, do an update to your drives/firmware or win updates.

Second, check if the DVD that you are using has no physical damages like scratches; make sure you use a newer one.

Scratch DVD

Third, check your DVD cables inside the your CPU case, much better if you replace the IDE cable (or SATA) and also change the power cable as well as the reserve power cable from the power supply.

Data CableSata Cables

Hope this can help,

Good luck.

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