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I have a problem as I try extracting a Zip File the message indicates that windows cannot open the folder further indicating that the zipped folder is invalid. Another error message appears to: WZ54 meaning there is transfer error and damage to the file. Can someone please advise me on the diagnosis of the problem? Your help will be highly appreciated.

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That may be a problem that is being caused by the application that you are using to archive the files. It may be having licensing issues and therefore you will need to check if the application was a trial version and its period of usage is over.

If the application is corrupt, you will need to do the following:

Get the setup for that application and then re-install it. Re-installation will fix any bugs that may have developed in the application that are causing that problem to occur.

An alternative will be to find another application that serves the same function and install it, and I will recommend that you try WinRAR which I have used and my experience with was good.

-Lee Seen

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First of all, from where did you get the file that you are trying to extract?

It might be corrupted or damaged that's why you cannot extract it. So you need to know the source of the file.

Try to re-download The same file from trusted website.

Or if it comes from your email, ask the sender to send another copy and then extract it again.

Secondly, what tool did you used for extracting?

You can use WinRAR instead.

This is a powerful tool that is best for extracting zip files.