How To Configure HP Laser Jet 1000 For Windows 7?

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I have an older model of Intex PC, which used to run on Windows XP. Recently I upgraded it to Windows 7. But now I realised that my HP Laser Jet 1000 printer does not support Windows 7. I don’t want to revert to XP. So, how do I configure my HP Laser Jet 1000 for Windows 7?

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How To Configure HP Laser Jet 1000 For Windows 7?


The biggest drawback of HP LJ 1000 has been it not supporting the latest OS. The easiest solution to this is to download Virtual Box from its official website and Windows XP ISO file from a torrent site. Mount the image on Virtual Box and connect the printer and Voila!!! There you go. But to be more specific, for Windows 7, follow the below-written steps, for using HP LJ 1000:

For 32-bit Windows 7:

1. Delete any previous setup of Laser Jet 1000 that you have created, from Printers and Devices.

2. Download Windows XP 32-bit version’s drivers of HP LaserJet 1000 from the following link:

3. Extract the drivers to any folder, e.g. C:HPLJ1000

4. Go to the extracted files. Change compatibility mode of every .exe file to Windows XP Service Pack 3.

5. Next, run setup.exe.

6. After the setup has been installed successfully, the system will display two printers. One is the LaserJet 1000, and the other is the LaserJet 1000 DOS.

7. Download the equivalent host based drivers from the same link as above.

8. Extract these drivers to folder, e.g. C:HPLJ1000HB

9. Go to Printers and Devices and choose the LaserJet 1000 printer, and open the options. Swap the drivers to the host based driver.

10. Then, select the Laser Jet 1000 DOS printer. Change the port from “Print to File to “USB”.

11. Lastly, you have to make the LaserJet 1000 DOS printer shared.

For 64-bit Windows 7:

1. Click on the option to “Add a Printer” and choose the local printer option.

2. Click to “Add a Port”, select the “Create a new port” option, and the use local port.

3. Input any random port name.

4. Then use the HP LaserJet 1100 MS driver when creating the printer as it works perfectly with the DOS printer.

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