Error Reading Disk Insert System

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I had bought a PC from a very close friend with two operating systems installed within, Windows XP and Windows 7. The Windows XP was installed to Drive C while the Windows 7 was installed to Drive D.

I decided to remove the Windows XP because I didn’t realize the necessity of using two operating systems at the same time for performance reason. While the process of removing Windows XP was about to end, my PC restarted and this kind of error had occurred


I restarted my computer again and I was expecting that there were still two operating systems to be loaded since the removal process of Windows XP was not completed. The error has been repeatedly occurring and I don’t know what to do anymore. Please help me on this. Thank you so much.

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Error Reading Disk Insert System


The first thing went wrong here is you have accidental deleted some critical files from the primary partition which is Drive C. Basically this drive contains all boot information including the boot information that will redirect the system to your Windows 7 at Drive D. The system will have to read these items to be able to recognize all the operating systems that is currently installed on your machine. Even though you said the process of removing Windows XP at Drive C is not completed, yet already did and the boot problem is a hardly evidence that the system file is lost.

Well in this case, things already been done and need to be resolve on the first place.

The following are some basic steps to resolve this issue up to advance thinking if you need to retain some important information on your system.

A. Make a clean and fresh installation of Windows 7.

    1. Make sure you have the right drivers in hand before you do anything.

  • Drivers are placed on a cd along the package when you buy a brand new motherboard.
  • But in your case, you just brought your PC from a friend so you can get it from him.

    2. A Windows 7 installation DVD along with a genuine serial key.

  • If you don't want to spend money for this, you can also ask your friend if he still have these disk.

    3. Boot your system along with Windows 7 disk on your optical/DVD drive.

  • If your system still displays same error, you will have to change the boot priority on your BIOS.
  • To make changes, restart your system then hold down Del key for a while until you see BIOS menu.
  • Search where you can find something like boot priority, then change your first priority with name of your DVD drive.
  • Press F10 to save changes, reboot system boot on your DVD drive until installation window show up.

    4. Windows may automatically detect the presence Windows 7 on drive D, just skip and proceed with the process.
    5. Reformat both drive C & D at installation window then install a fresh copy of Windows 7 on drive C.

  • Just wait until installation is done, it may take several minutes with some reboot sequence.

    6. Install your drivers, this is a must for windows to able to see your system operates correctly.
    7. Install additional software that you might need like anti-virus and office applications.

Note: If you don't have any driver or application mentioned above, then you can skip this steps and proceed with the following advance processes.

B. Recover your fully installed Windows 7 from Drive D.

On this step, you can use either your Windows XP or Windows 7 installation disk as we will only be using them to create boot sequence and install a third party application to recover your fully installed Operating System.
    1. Boot on your Windows 7/Window XP installation disk.
    2. Windows may automatically detect the presence of Windows 7 on drive D.
    3. Format only the drive C where you previously removed your Windows XP then install a fresh Win7/WinXP onto this drive.
    4. After installation completed, download and install EasyBCD.
        – you can download it from this site :
    5. Run EasyBCD then go to "Add/Remove Entries" screen.
    6. On Windows Tab, select Windows Vista/7 on Type drop down list.
    7. Provide a name when this boot dialog displaces. (Ex. "Windows 7")
    8. Select drive D where your Windows 7 is installed.
    9. Press "Add Entry" button and wait for notification telling you everything went OK.
    10. Reboot your system, at this time you will automatically see boot selection on startup.
    11. Select Windows 7 and hit Enter then you have successful recovered your Windows 7.

  • As you will see, your Win7 is automatically set on drive C and WinXP is on drive D.
  • But we are not done yet, as you wish to have only one operating system on your PC.

    12. On your Windows 7, you have to install again EasyBCD.
    13. Run EasyBCD then go to "Edit Boot Menu".
    14. On this screen you can delete the boot entry for your Windows XP then save settings.
    15. This time, you will no longer see boot selection dialog and will boot directly to your Windows 7.
    16. You can manually delete all those WinXP files on drive D if you will no longer need it.

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Error Reading Disk Insert System


First I will need to know what was the method you used while deleting windows do you use the format window command or any other method it you don't use format window command then it may not be deleted permanently. And it is still on you drive and creating problem. You have to format your drive on which this window was installed and may also some of its components are in some other folders so you can check it also. The best thing I just you is to use a DOS to format your window and then make a check to your disk also. It can be done using the "chkdsk" command in DOS configure your drive using fdisk methods and partitions.

If you want to recover your windows then you need to install a copy of window to the existing window. Or simply update your window.

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