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I am over clocking a FX series 8150 processor but I am a bit afraid. What kind of cooling systems you recommend for crossing the 6.0 GHz mark ?

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If you want to prevent your Desktop PC from overheating, you can choose between air cooling and water cooling.

Air cooling is very easy to install and relatively cheap, compared with other systems. The best way to install a cooling fan is on top of your computer. If you have enough money, try to find a copper based fan because it dissipates the heat better.

On the other side, water cooling is silent, effective, but expensive and difficult to install. If you are a hardcore gamer, I highly recommend you a water cooling system. Over clocking also needs a good cooling system if you don’t want to have serious problems. 

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Cooling system is Highly wanted for your over clocking system. If you using Hard processing,  Better use a water cooling.  Little bit expense, but it has Very powerful Effect. So try it. Air cooling useful for basic cooling and You can use 2 System fans, Both fans should working at 3000 Rpm. But issue is high level noise. Water cooling is better.

But I'm personally Did not recommend over clocking. It Reduce your processor life time.