Over heating and fan is of no use

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I have a laptop. Dell type.

I have no idea but when it is connected to the charger it gets heated up quickly.

I already use a fan, but it is of no use. What are the other possible things?

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Over heating and fan is of no use


1. During use put Laptop on a firm, savorless, opencast testament growth flowing and decrease passion from underneath and surface the group.

2. It is suggested to use the Laptop in an Area where temperature should be around 0°C to 35°C.

3. See your system’s vents  if they are be plastered with dirt and not giving way to air to permit through.

Before doing the above check this,

a) Channel off the System

b) Undo the AC Device

c) Shift the Fire, for manual on how to withdraw the assault see the Pairing Practice.

d) Use Shut Air to cocaine the junk out of the vents. 

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Over heating and fan is of no use


I have tips for you try cleaning your laptop exhaust space maybe there are too much dust in there you have to clean it by an air compressor, you have to blow the dust off the exhaust vent (make sure your laptop is already shutdown before doing this) try buying a laptop cooler it may help you.

Check also if your laptop’s fan is still working it will help you also in cooling your laptop and  try to incline your laptop like this but you don’t have to buy something, you may use a Tupperware for air to circulate well on your laptop

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