Sound coming out from my laptop Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series

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I’ve been having issues with my laptop for the last few months. I noticed that it keeps on getting warmer and warmer even though I am only using it less than before. I tried to check the battery, it is hot and the keyboard part is also hot. What could be causing this issue? Can you provide me instructions on how to resolve it? Can you provide me alternatives on how to permanently resolve the issue? Please help me with this. The fan is too noisy also!

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Sound coming out from my laptop Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series


Actually, the CPU fan has to cool down the tiny chip inside, which does the full workload of the computer and is easily prone to get over heated.

But any of the abnormal sounds coming from the computer or a high squealing sound could be considered as indications of a fan malfunction.

  • However modern day computers will automatically turn off if any of it's inner components gets overheated. Usually, the heat of the computer may be raised up in excess as a result of over working as when playing computer games which are graphically intensive.
  • Similarly, the presence of foreign particles like dust and dirt has the capability to prevent proper air supply to the internal components which may lead to overheating and if continued further, may result in sudden shutting down of the computer. For this, you can clean the inside of the system unit, but with care!
  • Also you can check the processor`s heat sink in order to make sure that it is not dislocated and has a proper supply of thermal compound in needed amounts.

Furthermore, if all these steps prove to be useless in solving your issue, it is worth considering that the presence of virus and other malware attacks, OS issues, failing hardware components, etc. Can also cause this issue.

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