System crashed, does anyone have suggestion on this issue?

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I was facing blue screen error while playing a game called Quake 3. I have Windows XP Pro installed on my computer. While playing the game, the system crashed and showed some symbols on the blue screen. To my understanding, the system heated up while I’m playing the game. One of the two fans on my computer had stopped working, so I think that caused the system to heat up, due to which the system started to crash. I removed the old 400 watt Antec Power Supply and replaced it with a 430 watt Antec one. I also ran two hard disks and two 19 inch LCD monitors on this machine. However, after the new power supply, it is working fine. Anybody can suggest another solution to this problem or what if it comes back?

Thank you for reading.

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System crashed, does anyone have suggestion on this issue?


Hi Ave,

Quake 3 is a multiplayer high end game that requires high RAM memory allocation. When system boots up, OS automatically fixes some memory for different processes to be run. In this operating environment, if you are loading Quake 3, it will demand high CPU processing size and speed. This will ultimately end up with your system generating heat which cannot be handled by your CPU Fan. Increasing of Hard Disks will again require additional Scheduling Capacities which further increases the heat pane of CPU fan.

Some of the most working solutions for this Issue would be: –

1. Increasing the Virtual Memory of your System to the Recommended Size.

Right Click on My Computer –> Click on properties–> Go to Advanced tab–> Click settings under performance section.

Click Advanced tab under performance options–> Click change on Virtual memory.

 Select custom size–> Set the Initial size (MB) to as that of recommended.

Then click on Set tab. Then OK.

2. Quake 3 being a High End game required Advanced Graphics Card. If you are using a Generic Graphic Card which comes by default in the system, would recommend for upgrading your graphics card to AMD Radeon HD 7870 or NVIDIA GeForce GTS 670 for getting uninterrupted high-end gaming experience.

3. There are also many Cooling Systems available for Gaming Systems. Titan Fenrir TTC-NK85TZ , Gelid Tranquillo are few names to be mentioned for cooling Solutions.

Try these steps out and provide the results if any of the top three solutions worked for you.

Happy Gaming Ave.


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System crashed, does anyone have suggestion on this issue?



The better solution is Try to cool your Pc and  High temperature lost your Hardware life time.  Heavy works and 2 Hards Generate more system temperature So Try to add few system fans in back front and Clean dust in your system and keep clean. Cooling is your best solution. You can buy some on eBay also.

Good luck.

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