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Author: Kingruiz
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Need help from experts!  When I plugged the headset on my laptop, I couldn't hear any sound. I have tried with another headset, but nothing changed.  I'm sure all the headset work well. And I still hear the sound last week.

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Hey Kingruiz!

If you are sure that all of your head phones are fine, then there must be problem with your sound driver.

I recommend you to check your sound drivers. May be they are out dated. Update your driver and you will not face this problem any more.

You can download software like Driver Genius which update the drivers automatically.

If you want to manually install the drivers, Right click on My computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager. Here click on sound drivers and update them

Hope it will solve your problem


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Hello Kingruiz,

Check the following issues related with your problem.
  • Make certain that the sound card is identified and is active in your pc.
       1) Log in as the administrator.

       2) Open 'Device Manager'. Right click on 'My computer' icon and click 'Device manager'. Provide administrators  credentials if you're asked.

       3) Go to 'Sound, video and game controllers'. If the sound card is listed there, you have no problem with the sound card. If there is no sound card is listed, you will need to install it again.

       4) If you notice a question mark icon right after the sound driver, there may be a problem. Right-click the driver and go to its properties. Then check its device status box and see whether you can identify any problem mentioned there.

  • Make certain that the speakers are plugged into a power source and turned on.
  • Make certain your speakers are correctly connected to the pc.
  • Make certain that the speaker's volume is not mute or too low.

Hope this will help you!