Recommend Sound Card for Gaming and Recording Music

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Hi!  I am searching for the best sound card to use when gaming.  I detest using head phones when gaming, so a sound card to support this would be better.  Also, I would like to use this sound card to record my music.  I would also like it to be hassle free during and after installation.  Any advice?

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Recommend Sound Card for Gaming and Recording Music



Hey there,

 Nice to see someone investing on a sound card. These components are usually overlooked as an expensive add-on meant for enthusiasts. What they don’t know though is that they do help remove CPU cycles and stress on your CPU freeing it up to do more important tasks other than rendering audio. Now there are numerous cards out there but there are only a handful that are good and even fewer that are better. Now the exact one you'd be looking for would be the one that bests fits your budget since they can be quite expensive but well worth the price. If you’re a real audiophile you would need to cash out a minimum of at least ~$300 to get a very good one but I'd be suggesting the $150 price range for you as it delivers exception gaming audio as well as excellent audio recording since $300 cards are usually meant for studio uses.

 I would recommend Creative Sound Blaster XFi, now they offer you the bang for the buck amongst all the other cards out there. You can get this at a good deal for ~$80 and it performs close to those around the ~$300 range. Also I can recommend the ASUS Sonar but it’s a little bit more expensive but it offers a bit more oomph than the XFi.

You can check these sites for a good review of sound cards:




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Recommend Sound Card for Gaming and Recording Music


If you want to listen form a game then you need to purchase a sound driver that really supports your games.

There is a lot of variety available in market today that is built for any specific type of sound. You can also buy a sound card that is of better quality and that will supports your game sound correctly.

Such sound card will contain more memory as the memory in sound card will increase the better the sound quality will be also there are different variety of sound cards that are buffer supported and their sound like reality.

You need to choose a genuine sound card may be you purchase a sound card of Sony company which is a good name for quality also you can make other choices as the company rank.

I am sure that you will be able to select a good card for your computer that will support your needs perfectly.

Michal joran.


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