Sound blaster audio card Eacontrol.exe

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Dear All,

I just recently installed a sound blaster audio card in my Windows XP computer and encountered this error:
Eacontrol.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 
I was happy I was able to resolve this problem after making my audio card the default device. But another issue came and I was disappointed when after two weeks of using it, it suddenly started acting up. 
Sound or music will just stop playing. I tried it in Winamp, Windows Media Player, and it won’t work either. Once, I reloaded the Winamp and Windows Media Player and it plays, but came in the middle of the song, it will once again stop. I tried reinstalling the sound blaster device, and the same is happening. I got no idea, glad if someone will help.
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Sound blaster audio card Eacontrol.exe

Did you install the drivers for your card when you installed it into the computer? If so, did you install the correct ones?
Audigy cards sometimes have different drivers, for the same model with different version of chip sets. You need to install the correct driver for your card. To find the correct driver you have to find it from their website using CTxxxx or SBxxxx model number, printed directly on the card, or on a label. 
Also, selecting the correct output device is important. If you are using analog speakers or headphones, you can disable digital output, to stop auto changing of output device into digital in middle of the playback. Also, try changing the PCI slot you’ve connected the card to, to see if this is created by any IRQ sharing issues. You can take a look at this discussion page containing a similar problem.

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