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When I try to add an .msi package to a group policy using windows 2008 server, I receive this error message quite often: 

"No package in the software installation data in the Active Directory meets these criteria"

The message comes up just after I select the .msi and before I get to the box where I can select "Assigned" or "Advanced". In addition, I am not having any trouble creating deployments on any of my Windows 2003 server.

Can anyone help me, please?

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Hi there,

This error particularly refers to the Group Policy of windows 2008 server. Before going into details, are you on a 32bit or a 64bit machine? , by 32bit or 64bit I meant that are you running a 32bit or a 64bit version of windows 2008 server?. If it’s a 32 bit machine and all the packages are from a previous 64bit machine? , I recommend edit the data on a 64bit machine and you will be able to see all the packages that you will see on a 32bit machine.

I really hope that helps you out regarding the Group policy error