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We have a new ASA firewall installed and our public IP address expanded from 6 digits to 14 digits. We were able to get on the internet after it was configured but we could not access our external servers such as payroll, exchange, OCS and mail servers. I would be most grateful if you can provide us with a solution.

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Hallo Watson,

It seems that you have denied access to the payroll, exchange, OCS and mail servers in the firewall and therefore I will advice that you check the firewall settings and configure them accordingly.

Incase in the firewall settings you have included those sites in the blacklisted sites, or there is a small glitch in the settings that makes them appear to be blacklisted then you will have to reconfigure the firewall settings so that the services are  not blocked.

Contact the system administrator of that network and explain to him the case, he should be having the credentials that allows changing of the firewall settings.


Mahesh Babu