Software Firewalls

Software Firewalls

Hey, I am facing problems with my adobe flash player, I want to uninstall adobe flash player. Please help me with the steps. How to perform adobe flash player uninstaller?

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I was trying to install Autodesk software application, but I encountered flash9 ocx failed to register error message. I chose to click on OK and observed that two Adobe flash plug-got installed. What

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Hello, everyone, I want to know how I can run a Microsoft easy fix solution on my system to solve the problems. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Hi. I don’t know the difference between Software Firewall and Hardware Firewall. Please help? I am a inexperienced person in the technical field. Do reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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Hi all Techvy friends this is Harry k Draper, In my office system someone activated McAfee HIPS 8.0 firewall. It blocks me from entering into many websites like social networking. Tell me how to manually unlock McAfee HIPS 80. I am eagerly waiting for your answers. Thanks in advance friends

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Hi guys!

Recently, I have downloaded Media files such as Music, movies and games through P2P or Peer – to – Peer file sharing. But I was worried that I have downloaded Media files that contains bad viruses such as Trojans, malware, and even worst worm viruses. So I’ve decided to download McAfee Antivirus. But I don’t know how to input a personal firewall that can block Viruses. Does anyone of you know how to input a block P2P McAfee Personal firewall? Any comments would be nice.

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I'm looking for a good internet firewall so I can fully protect my computer from intruders and trojan programs when I visit an unsecured website.  Is Jetico personal firewall version 2.0 precise in dealing with these problems?  Can it monitor applications that I run when accessing a network?  I am on Windows xp 64 bit and I browse on Mozilla Firefox.  Thanks.

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As I want to protect my desktop from viruses and others, I have grown to understand that autodesk block host file are for blocking malicious files and other software, sometimes it even blocks those that I still need. With this, can I unblock some files or software that I don’t want to be blocked and how would I be able to do it? 

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Hi I am a new to this field and I got my first project at work to maintain the astro firewall in my company. I need to know How to enable telnet astaro firewall. I do not work with astro before. Help me to do this. Thank you

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Dear friends,

I am using windows vista OS on my system.

I installed the comodo internet security on my system a few days ago, but I had to uninstall it for some reason.

Now when I am trying to install it again, I fail because I get the following error on my screen:

Unable to install Comodo Internet Security, Error 1603. Unrecoverable error during installation

The translated error reads as:

"Unable to install Comodo Internet Security, Error 1603. Unrecoverable error during installation"

Can anyone suggest me a reason why is this happening?

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