Changing firewall setting in Apple program

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When am trying to log into a gaming site, it wouldn’t let me connect. Then I went to edit my firewall and got the message. “To change the apple firewall settings, turn off the other firewall software”.

I want to know how I would do this when I didn’t even know if I had another firewall. Then I have searched for firewall and only found something.

A little confusion in my mind,
which has many drop down menus in it – the main being Root and all my apple firewall options in it. Sorry,

I know you would be able to tell me about this. I have very little knowledge about computers 🙂

Please give me a solution.

Thanks in advance

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Changing firewall setting in Apple program



In order to solve your problem, you need to install the latest MAC OS X.3.2 or later.

if you're not ready to update, simply follow this steps to resolve the issue.

first thing to do is to click on the finder icon in the dock, from the "Go" Menu, choose "Go to folder"

Type: /Library/Preferences/ and click "Go". Locate the file (

and drag it to the trash (Remember to see note first.) then from the "Apple Menu" , choose "Restart"

This removes any custom setting you applied to your firewall,

If ever you don't want to loose  your custom settings, here's another option. But remember, you must be comfortable with editing a text file in the terminal.

First, Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/).

Type sudo pico /Library/Preferences/  and press "Return"

Input administration password when asked and press "Return".

now scroll down to this to lines


Add a new line directly under "<array>" containing this text 

Then save the file (Ctrl-O) and return to confirm and exit pico (Ctrl-X) and restart your computer.

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