Can I run 64-bit windows if device drivers aren’t of 64-bit?

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Currently I’m using a 32-bit version windows OS. Now I want to upgrade it to a 64-bit version of windows OS, but my device drivers are of 32-bit. Is it necessary to use 64-bit driver’s of my devices to work all the hardware devices on 64-bit Windows? Can anyone from techyv tell me whether 64-bit drivers are necessary or not?

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Can I run 64-bit windows if device drivers aren’t of 64-bit?


If you have a 64 bit Windows, and device drivers for 32 bit Windows version, you will have a compatibility problem. I.e.. in case that you have a printer with 32 bit device driver, this printer is not recognized by Windows 64 bit platform. Therefore, you must search your device driver that is Windows NT/Vista/7 compatible. You are able to search these drivers on the internet. Although, if your application is 32 bit version, it should work with 64 bit platform, but there would be exceptions, i.e.. antivirus software applications.

If you are
not sure if your driver will work with 64 bit platform, go visit Windows
Compatibility Center.

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