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My apple safari browser remembers history, but I do not want it to. I tried to configure it so that it will not remember history, however it did not work. So I am in some serious predicament now. I need someone to instruct me about how to make it happen. Please someone help me to solve this problem.

Angelo Brent

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You have asked a very good question. Many of us do not know about this.
I have answers for your question.
In order to enable or disable Private Browsing, you must turn Private Browsing on or off.
Private Browsing in iOS 5 will protect your private information and block some websites from tracking or tracing your movement. The pages you visit will not be remembered by Safari, neither your search history nor your AutoFill information.
Note: The Safari bars will appear dark or black instead of gray or blue when Private Browsing is enabled. Click Accept Cookies and select Never, From Visited or Always to set whether you want Safari to accept cookies or not. For more information, a cookie is a piece of data that a website will put on the device so that the website can remember you whenever you wait to visit again. Web Pages can then be customized in that way for you, which is based on information that you have provided.
Important: Sometime web pages may not work unless you accept cookies.
In order to enable or disable JavaScript, you have to turn JavaScript on or off.
JavaScript will let web programmers be able to control elements of the page. A page that uses JavaScript might display the current time and date or might cause a linked page to appear in a new pop-up page.
Additional Information
To remove or clear a stored Safari content:
  • To clear your history from Safari, tap Settings > Safari > Clear History
  • To clear all cookies from Safari, tap Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies and Data
  • iOS 5: To clear other stored information from Safari, tap Advanced > Website Data > Remove All Website Data
Hope you got the answer.