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Oracle \ Data dictionary cache \ database buffer cache \ redo log caches add any others

Oracle Memory Cache/Architecture: Oracle uses memory to store different pieces of information, like Program Code, Connected session, if it's not currently active with any or different user, Information needed when program executive (Locking Information), and last Cached Data on peripheral memory.

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Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Different approaches are used in software development. Some of them are

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Computer Programming And Programming Approaches

What Is Program?

A program is a set of instructions written by a programmer. Program contains detailed instructions and complete procedures for performing the relevant tasks.

What Is Programming?

Programming is an art, although we can learn and taught it, but the creativity and problem solving skills is God gifted.

A program has following processing operations in its working:

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What is Program?

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Installing Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 is a must for those who are interested in developing applications based on .NET frameworks, whether they be a Desktop or a Web Application.The main features of Visual Studio 2010 are as follows:

  • VB.NET Integrated Development Environment
  • C#  Integrated Development Environment
  • ASP.NET Integrated Development Environment
  • F# Integrated Development Environment
  • Silverlight  & WPF
  • Fully support .NET Framework 4.0

Considering these features, we strongly recommend installing Visual Studio 2010 on your computer. In this article, we will see how to install Visual Studio 2010.

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Step by Step Installation of the Visual Studio 6

Visual studio 6 is a computer software that is used in creating and running programs written in visual basic, C and C++ languages. Visual studio installation has several steps that need to be followed in order to work properly. Below is the explanation with images made easy to understand for its installation. It should be noted that the icons with a red mark are the required fields to be filled during the entire installation process.

1. Run the set up of visual studio 6 software as shown below.

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Jscript, Ajax and JavaScript

This is the era of web browsing and scripting languages are one of the core elements of Web Development. Scripting languages and tools enable loads of features to enhance interactivity, security and browsing of a website.

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Programming languages used in developing software applications

There are various programming languages that are used to develop software applications such as MS Office, gaming applications and editing software that we use to create videos and enhance photos – tasks that are easier said than done without a computer. Despite changes in the trends of information technology, new and very different programming languages are being introduced to facilitate the creation of application software. Although the languages vary depending on their levels, each has its unique characteristics, as described below.

C++ programming language