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We are grown up by playing games. Today this is the world of technologies such as Android, smart phones, the Internet, etc. So, there are very critical and complex games using various languages now-a-days played by many kids. But previously, over ten to fifteen years back, there were no such technologies and still there were games which were played in video games. Such games were very interesting in those days. They were not that complex. They were created in simple methods.

Category: Programming

How to Insert Animations in your Website using jQuery?

Category: Programming

1. Incorporate the right graphics:

From using the right icon size for the app to using the right graphics, formatted appropriately depending on your app’s features, ensure you keep pace with the industry and the user’s need.

2. Incorporate legible text for users:

Every text in the app should be very legible to read and understand, displayed in right fonts. App information is of utmost help to users who go through the same while using the app for usage without any hiccups.

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1. Plan your programming from start to end:

Know exactly what you’re doing and plan the entire roadmap for your software development early on. This way, you will be sure of the task you’re heading towards one by one. Determine also the kind of programming you’d invest your time in.

2. Learn the fundamentals:

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The process of collecting and organizing data in the best way is known as Data Structures. Here the operations on data are performed in an efficient way. Its functionality supports a specific purpose of accessing and performing operations in a given appropriate ways.

There are mainly two types of data structure:

    Primitive Data Structures.
    Abstract Data Structure

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Though we have many languages and styles to design a web page, we always strive for some new and interesting technologies to grab more clients.

We have HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and many more languages, but there is still a need of Bootstrap to add life to our website. Bootstrap introduces more features and functions which can be implemented easily when compared to other languages.  

So here we discuss the use of Bootstrap and new features in it:

1. Glyphicons:

Bootstrap produces a new feature called as “Glyphicons.” GLYPHICONS is a library of precisely prepared monochromatic icons and symbols. For example, the icons used for search or the icon used for print, etc.

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What is Java Persistence API and its Importance?

To persistently store large amounts of data into the database, we use a concept called Java Persistence API. It is a collection of methods, objects, and classes, provided by the Oracle Corporation. It is specially made for Java-based applications and also provides services such as JMS, JAAS, MDBs, etc. They provide a transactional and secured way of storing and retrieving of data.

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There are a number of websites on the Internet. But what makes your site unique? Functionalities such as user-friendly, interaction, etc. grab more clients. So, users expect these minimum functionalities in a website. Not only the general functionalities such as navigation, good looks of the website, etc. matters but also the way in which way these actions are also performed matters. Here are some of the expected elements of web ambience:

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