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October 28th, 2014

Category: Mobile Software

A new handset. When I connect my Nexus 5 with my PC via USB, it does not show up when I selected device MTP (Media). It seems when I selected "camera (PTP)" but that does not mean access to all the files I need to get you to give me. I have the USB drivers installed. I reinstalled the drivers, the USB debugging is turned on and off (for installation and connections), restart the PC and Android after each change, I am using the cable supplied with the camera, but I'm stumped on this update. I want to know what the theme?

Category: SAS

In my asp.net application, users can upload / download files and ASPX files are accessed by the user later (it must implement security at the code level, because it would be better to use the application with minimal permissions to run). So now I have to save these files and where is the best place to store them. Should I give permission to record low in the current project to create or should I create a separate like "www.mydomain.com/files" and up virtual directory. I also want to prevent restarting the application domain. What is the best option to deal with this situation?

Category: Web Cams

I'm doing a project in which two people have a webcam on a site I am creating interact. Do you know of a tool (language, code or program) that allows (free) to raise a cam on this website for me So far, I knew about HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery and PHP (web part), but I think that none of these languages ​​is the best way to access this category. Can you help me ?

Category: Apple Laptop

I'll let a trip abroad, and I want to present my updated application for review today, because I do not really want to take my laptop with me (even if it seems that I might have to). It is important that I briefly the application before I go back (mid-August) due to rush back to school for educational applications. The application is ready, but my distribution profile has expired. Website developer at the bottom right now, what are my options for the presentation of the application.

Category: Suggestions

I wrote a small .NET Windows Forms application. And now I am determined to get opinions or comments from users. The user write something in an entry form and click the Send button. I want to take the easiest way. I do not want to host any web or other applications for data collection. Also, I do not have a database. Nothing. I just want to know what people think of the application. How would you?

Category: Mobile Software

According to my hypothesis, there are hundreds of millions of Chinese mobile phones (or clones branded phones) there. And it seems, firmware, and operating system for mobile phones are the same. These phones differ only in their design and can be material. I wonder if there is no software development kit or support the development of mobile telephony. What is the operating system and / or firmware included in these phones are those open source or get anyway available online Perform these phones support Java Where to find more information about these devices and software online.

Category: Informix

I am a student of computer science and now learning about software engineering. I need to know that what is Process Modeling and to what extent we need it for software development and I also need to know what are the draw backs of Water Fall method for process modeling .

It is not specific to a language or a programming technology, but you know how to use programs such as Wireshark to read packets from your computer (or router, specifically) These packages can send secret information which must be encrypted somehow, like username and password for some systems contain. But even without this information, you can create these packages and receive the same information, right ! A related question type: When a router receives a packet, how does it feel to know what computer when multiple computers, direct connected to a local network.

Category: Mobile Hardware

I'm an Android VOIP application. I want to choose my type of codec based on processor power. Some audio codecs do not work well on some low-end devices. I want this program and do not decide when compiling. What are the criteria that will help you decide the CPU power and bandwidth available for processing: Here are some of them that I can think of: 1) CPU clock 2) memory Is there a standard method to determine the performance calculation based on statistics of memory / CPU It would be good to know if Android provides APIs for analyzing the performance in execution.

Category: Google Chrome

I modifying a website appearance (css modifications), but can not because of the annoying persistent cache to see the result on Chrome. I tried shift refresh but it does not work. How can I temporarily disable the cache or refresh the page in any way that I can see the changes.