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August 27th, 2016

Category: MS Excel

Sometimes we make grammar mistakes or spellings mistakes. But what a time-consuming work to search the same word several times and replace it. How can you find and replace in excel?

Email is a medium to share privately as well as public information. It might contain some private information like bank account number and password, which you would not want anyone else to know other than the expected receiver. How to encrypt emails to protect your private information?

In our generation, mobile phone is one of the important things of our life along with water, air and shelter. The Internet is icing on a cake. If we have to go on social network sites or find something from Google, access to the internet is a must. how to get the internet on a tablet?

Category: Web Components

Some schools and colleges, for security purpose or to save the children from being addicted to a social network, block websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. These sites are usually blocked to keep away children from getting into wrong means. But if you dare to access them inspite of the restrictions then, how to get into websites that are blocked?

When the inbox of your email has many emails and you need to clear it without deleting the emails, you archive them. But if you want to retrieve or have a look at those mails then how tofind archived emails in Outlook 2010?

We get and send emails to our friends, teammates and our teachers. If our email has a photo, size would be small to fit in the mail. But if we have to print it, small size is a problem because nothing would be clear. To make the print clear, we need to enlarge it. how to enlarge a picture to print?

August 26th

Category: Printers

Hi. I have recently started using Avery labels. I need to print Avery 5160 labels in Word. How to print Avery 5160 labels in Word? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Category: Email Servers

Hi. I have been getting a lot of junk mails and I need to stop it. Is there any way possible? How to prevent junk mail? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Category: MS Excel

Hi. I have recently started using MS-Excel. I need to prepare a graph in Excel. How to plot a graph in Excel? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Category: Web Components

Hi. I want to ping a website using the command prompt. What are the steps to do so and what is the use of it? How to ping a web address? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.