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January 29th

I was using my Microsoft Starter 2010 more than 2 years ago because it was only free in the market. However, it features are less than any Microsoft Office Versions. I wanted now to upgrade my software to Microsoft Office 2010 but it only has an Error in installing this. It has the same result in Microsoft 2013. What can I do to successfully upgrade my Microsoft 2010 to other Microsoft versions?

I have my own printer that is useful for me as a graphic artist. I can print some beautiful, high class artworks that can post online and print to some establishments. However, when I saw my colleague, I was so amazed as I saw her masterpiece in 3D form. I asked her about that and she said she only printed that work. Is it possible to print 3D artworks in an ordinary printer that I'm using? Can I find some templates of 3D artworks online? What software application that I may be using to make my own 3D artworks?

Category: Peripherals

My USB has some sort of virus and whatever I put in it gets there in the form of a shortcut and it cannot be accessed again. Initially I thought it might be a defective system to which USB was plugged but that was not the case. After I found out that the problem was USB, I have formatted it so many times which obviously meant the removal of complete data and then put in the new data. But it still keeps on making shortcuts. It is a 64gb USB and I want it to be working properly. What should I do?

Category: Fans / Cooling

Hi! My dell latitude 13 is always over heated in summers due to excessive use. But I cannot minimize the usage of laptop because almost all of my work is related to computer. So I bought this cooling fan for my laptop and heard that it would minimize the heating process. Cooling fan is much like a small table on which you place your laptop and connect your laptop with it via USB. The problem is that even after using the cooling fan, laptop is still over heated and sometimes it restarts automatically due to over heating which results in data loss sometimes.

Hello! I am new into photo editing and I definitely have a lot to learn. I might also say I am an aspiring graphic designer so I am looking for different software which can be used at the beginner level when one does not know much about photo editing. I tried a few like Adobe Photoshop but as a person who has no experience of working in a photo editing software before, I may say Photoshop was not the smartest option. A lot of tools in it were new for me and I absolutely had no idea where to start from. Can someone suggest a software which is not as mature as Photoshop and which is best for beginners?

Category: C++

Hello! I am a student of computer science. I have this question in my mind if we could actually make a queue from a stack and a stack from a queue. Since stack is Last in First Out(LIFO) and Queue is First in First Out(FIFO) so how could we make a queue by using stack which means that stack start behaving like a queue?Similarly how can we make a stack using queue which means queue starts behaving like a stack?

Category: iPhone

When I charge my smart phone completely or when I switch it one after some time, initially it performs fine but after some time it seems like my smart phone is not performing on optimum level. I have been experiencing low battery issues with iPhone 5 and it seems like battery is literally drained from my mobile. Is this due to overheating? How to get around this problem?

Category: Sound Cards

Hi! This is probably the most dramatic experience ever while using a computer or a laptop. Two days ago I was using my laptop and as usual performing different activities simultaneously. So at one instance my sound is working fine and I can hear it properly, the next second its gone. I switched to different songs to check it and the result was same. I also noticed that the light of the speaker on top of my keyboard changed to orange automatically which indicates mute or no sound and obviously it wasn't mute and I checked it too. Why did this happen and what is its solution?

Category: VPN

I have been using VPN from a very long time particularly hotspot shield but now suddenly it is not working. Whenever I click on it, the process of connectivity ends in failure and as a result I cannot use blocked websites. I checked the firewall to see if it was on and was blocking VPN, but it was off. I normally don't keep an anti-virus on my system so that shouldn't be the reason. Can someone suggest the solution?