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October 24th, 2014

What causes my laptop adopter or charger to heat up and become so hot? I am currently using a HP laptop and the ever since I bought this machine, I have realized that whenever I plug in the adopter to charge my battery, it becomes so hot and sometimes I just ought to unplug it to make it cool off. I wish to know whether that is normal and what are the conditions contributing to that? Thank you.

Category: Internet

What are the detailed steps to follow to be the best designer expert in creating HTML5 web page design with CSS3 transition effects? Where do I have to start from and what are the requirements? I am Sandra studying communication design in the university. It is my dream to become an expert in designing HTML5 web page. Thank you


What are the steps to follow to develop a software for the creation of a full 3D photo-realistic models designer of animals and foliage? What are the necessary information that I need to know to fulfill this dream? Where do I start from and what are the challenges involved? Thank you.

Hello, What are the detailed instructions to follow to animate an ice cream cone character? Even though I would like to animate a cartoon character and I love to model and animate realism too. I am a second year university student studying graphic design. I love watching animated movies and this has generated an interest to go into full time animation one day.

Category: Printers

What could be the possible cause of my HP Laser Jet 1300n printer not working or responding when connected to a desktop PC with Windows 7 bit 64 OS? I have tried to install its drivers of the printer on the desktop PC and jet still the printer is not recognized by the computer. What could be the possible cause? I tried reconnecting it to the formal computer it was connected to and it was recognized and working alright. It is possible that the drivers are outdated or the OS is also advanced for Printer’s drivers? If the drivers are outdated, which website is perfect for getting updated version because I have tried all means and yet still had no positive resorts.

October 23rd

Category: OS

What are the disadvantages of using Microsoft Windows PC Operating System as compared to the use of Ubuntu PC Operating System? My name is William Johnson and a second year student of Catholic University studying Computer Science. I am making a personal project study into the exploits of Ubuntu in recent times.

What are Android application developers and Windows application developers doing right with respect to iPhone application developers or designers? Concerning the development of applications and its availability to users, developing of user friendly applications and other areas of concern to you, what can you pinpoint as being a plus for both Windows and Android Apps Developers as against iPhone App Developers?

Category: Java

What is the concept of Java programming? Are there diverse concepts of java programming? Why is it necessary for one to have the Java in this computing world? Can anyone become a java programmer or developer? What is Java Development Kit abbreviated as JDK? My name Jason from Democratic Republic of Congo. Thank you.

What are the challenges one is likely to face as a Windows Application Developer? I am a fun of windows phones and I am a young up and coming software programmer. I love programming and I to be an app developer or programmer for Windows phone users. My name is Sandra and I will be very happy if I get all the necessary information that I need to know before I begin. Thank you.

Category: OS

What are the similar features that are likely to be found on Ubuntu PC Operating System and that of PC Linux Operating System? Is there a link between these two operating systems? Jonathan Sam is my name. I am a third year tertiary student in one of the East African countries.