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August 23rd, 2014

Category: Windows 2008

Hi there,

Windows Server 2008 R2 showed up this morning this error that I have no idea what is causing it or what it really means. I don’t have problems with my Internet connection and I didn’t make any changes in the system last night. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ? What is causing this ?

Thank you !


Die Veribindung zum Server konnte nicht hergestellt warden auf Port 7000.

Bitte Oberprofen Sie Ihre Netzwerkeinstallungen.

Category: Internet

Hi experts,

When I want to install Wordpress on my MAC with X Lion OS this error appears. I don’t know what I cannot install it because is downloaded from a trusted website and is a trusted source. Any solution ? Why I have this and what should I do to make the install properly ?

Thank you experts !

“bitnami-wordpress-3.4-0-osx-x86-installer” comes from an unidentified developer.

Your security preferences are set to block installation of applications from unidentified developers.

Safari downloaded this file today at 3:32 PM from bitnami.org.

Category: Misc Software

Hi there,

I have on my PC FTK Imager.exe and this error appears when I want to open the application. I don’t know why it doesn’t recognize the application. Can anyone tell me what is happening with my PC ? How can I solve this ?

Thanks !

X:\Programs\FTKImageLite\FTK Imager.exe

Windows cannot fine “ X:\Prgrams\FTKImageLite\FTK Image.exe’ . Make sure you, typed the name correctly and then try again.

August 22nd

Category: Desktops

Hi Guys! I need your advice. I just recently acquired a new PC and I want to know what the best antivirus is for my MAC PC… I am running windows 7 Pro using parallel. Any suggestions on what Anti-Virus will work best on MAC and my virtual machines? Thank you.

We bought a new Dell XPS 13 Our problem is that it always produces an annoying noise once powered up. Restarting the machine does not help. What also bothers me is that the noise gets louder when you are working on an application. What seems to be the problem? Need help.

Category: Misc Software

Hi there,

While I was working in Adobe After Effects this error appeared and I had to restart After Effects to continue. Now I don’t know if I should be worried or not. Can anyone help me please with this error ? Should I be worried about this error ?

Thank you !

After effects error: An output module stopped responding. The file may be damaged or corrupted. You may to restart After Effects.

Category: Misc Databases

Hello there experts! Can anybody help me on how we can import a web page including its full content into the particular database? Let me know if this is possible. I tried browsing instruction on Google on how to but the guide is not helping me. Anybody has an idea?

I am installing my BitDefender antivirus on my desktop but always gets the error message “BitDefender installation has failed". Tried doing the setup again but still could not proceed. My CPU specs are Windows XP SP3, 4GB Memory, 500GB HDD. Anyone can help me on how to finish the installation?

Category: Misc Security

I have 4 Desktops Computers running on Windows XP Pro 32-bit. I am having a trouble with the Symantec Endpoint Protection when I install version 12.3.1 it is always request for a reboot. When I reboot the PC’s the log on screen from windows does not appears. What do you think is the problem? I don’t encounter this problem on older version 11.0700.

Category: Misc Software

Hi There! I need your expertise on how to install Google Chrome on a Ubuntu 12.04 machine. When we try to open Chrome Browser we always get this error message “Failed to move to new PID namespace: Operation not permitted”. Can anyone help us in resolving this issue? Thank you.