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September 27th, 2016

Computers are an integral part of our lives now-a-days. There may be several reasons leading to certain problems in the desktop. One such issue it that the computer switches on, but has a black screen. how to fix a computer with a black screen ?

Category: Hard Drives

USB stores information similar to a hard disk. There may be different reasons of USB corruption. It can be physical corruption, data corruption when not ejected properly from another device etc. how to fix a corrupted flash drive to get back the essential data stored in ti?

Category: Web

Cache memory is the temporary memory. The internet files stored in cache are the temporary files. It includes images, CSS, flash, PDF etc. how to find temporary internet files in our web browser?

Snipping tool is present in Windows 7,8,10,Vista.the way we take screenshots of important things in our cell phone, the same way wen can take screenshots in our desktop usin the tool ‘snipping tool’. How to find the snipping tool to take the screenshot?

Category: iPad

If you have an iOS device and you enter a wrong password for 6 times, your device will be locked and disabled. That means all the data in it will be lost, until and unless a back-up is done. How to fix a disabled iPod?

Category: iPad

If the iPod is not reacting to your taps, or your music player is not working etc. then it is irritating. These issues show up when iPod has frozen. How to fix a iPod Nano when it freezes?

Any broken/infected part of a computer can be harmful for its performance. But some problems can be solved at personal level. Computer repair is necessary because we rely on the system for our personal as well as professional life. how to fix a broken computer on your own?

RUN DLL error is concerned with DLL files that store a huge amount of data. It is a part of large records of data and codes used by a programmer. This error comes to the picture when the program has no access to the code written to execute various tasks by various programs at a particular time. how to fix a rundll error to save our DLL files?

Category: Web

GPS would be in one of the top positions, if we would be asked to select the features in our phone. It informs us about the route, helps parents to keep the track of their children etc. how to find cell location?

When you have two macs, you need to transfer data from one mac to other from time to time or when your friend asks you for some data, you need to share files between the mac books. How to file share between macs?