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October 18th, 2016

Now-a-days laptops are useful for our work, presentations in college, for entertainment, for movies etc. But even the laptop requires recharge. What if the charger is faulty and the system is not charging? How to fix dell laptop charger?

October 17th

Category: OS

Administrators have the power to control the aspects of Windows 7 operating system. These aspects include installation and removal of drivers and programs or making changes in registry. Trusted employees are given the administrative powers in a business. How to get administrator privileges?

Category: MS Word

Resumes are our first and last impression for the companies. It must be a presentable one to achieve the first step of success. Computerized templates are used to create resumes. how to get a resume template on Microsoft Word?

Category: ISPs & Hosting

Each PC is designated with an IP address. This IP address is tracked by the web servers and hackers. If you want to prevent your computer from hacking, one of the methods is to change the IP address. How to get a different IP address?

When you start a new game and do not check the graphics settings, then a situation might occur when you do not get the most of graphics board. The video drivers have a control panel to improve the attire of the game. how to get a better graphics card?

Ticketing system software Manages all the IT tickets. These take the email requests and automatically convert them to service tickets. This software helps you in every stage from the request to the creation and to the packup. Brief about it help desk ticketing system?

Category: Feature tips

Interviews decide our career start. It is the key position to be cracked for a settled life. For fresher’s it is important to know what the company expectations are. State it help desk interview technical questions and answers?

In an IT business output is important. To get the maximum return from the investment with all the knowledge about the hardware and software, BMC software provides visibility, control over the assets to get the true value they deliver. Brief about IT hardware asset Management software

IDR provides an approach to respond to the attacks on the infrastructure like software, hardware, process, network etc. The main reason to use IDR is to protect the investment and business. Describe about the ‘IT disaster recovery plan sample document’.

Category: ISPs & Hosting

We all know to transfer file from one computer to other through USB flash drive. But rarely people know that we can connect two PC’s directly using remote desktop connection. How to gain access to another computer to transfer files directly?