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I am not able to load windows OS , actually dont know the real problem . My PC is not even detecting my original windows 7 CD . How can I format my hard disk for clean installation of windows 7 ?? Please help

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Hello, my name is Miguel; an economics student in the tertiary. I would like to know the best three Windows application softwares which can be describe as all-in-one document editor? What are the distinct features of these three apps? Why would you choose these three apps as your best three? Are there any vital challenges associated to the use of these apps?

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In your own technical view, what will be your best ever word processing application for Mac user? I would also like to know your best five word processing apps for Apple Computers ever. What are the distinct features of the each of the above listed applications? Why would these apps fall in your best word processing app ever designed for apple users from your technical point of view to a layman’s point of view? Thank you.

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Hello, Sarah Mensah is my name. I read in the papers concerning Space X having another unpalatable scene. This was because of a rocket named Falcon 9 which was meant to travel to space explored after two minutes of launch. My question is, what would cause such an error? Was the Falcon 9 not well built? What goes into the building of a space craft?

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Which application software has the most or highest plugins currently in the world of Technology? What are the features of this software? Why is it so that such an application software would have so much plugins even to have an optimum use? What is the concept of developing such an application software? Thank you.

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It will be of much satisfaction to know what your concerns are on the icon evolution in Windows 10. How would the change of the icon of Windows 10 be an influence with respect to the attraction and full satisfaction of the software? What are the significant and specific features of Windows 10?

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How accurate is the AccuWeather app software for both Windows and Android phones? What are the distinct features of AccuWeather? Are there any age limits to consider for users of this app? If I wish to install the AccuWeather app on my Laptop what are the basic requirements my machine should have in order to have an optimum usage of the app?

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Hello, my name is Frankie. I would like to know the new features of Android 5.0 which is also known as Lollipop? I would be happy if you can give me twenty of them at least. Comparing the latest Android OS version with the Current iOS version of Apple, to what extent has the Android Operation System developed to? What are the basic requirements for a smartphone or tablet to run Android 5.0 Lollipop?

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What are the best five drawing application softwares of Windows would you recommended for me to use on my Windows Tablet apart from SketchBook? I said apart from SketchBook because a friend of mine for about a week ago, she mentioned this app. However, I would be happy if you would grant me an in depth overview of this app. What are distinct features of the best five Windows apps as compared to SketchBook?

What are some of the new features of Windows Media Player today? How significant are these new features of Windows Media Player as compared to the previous version to lovers and enthusiasts of the Windows Media Player? Comparing the latest version of this application software to other available media players, what are your comments and recommendations? Thank you.