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June 29th, 2016

Category: MS Outlook

I have recently set up a Outlook 2013 account. But every time I make an attempt to access it through Outlook, I get the following errors.

The status bar only shows this: Trying to connect.

When I checked the Repair Account option, I got this: Fails establishing network connection. Outlook cannot discover settings for your account because a network connection could not be established. You may need to turn off Work Off-line to automatically configure this account. (Work Off-Line is not enabled).

How can I fix my problem with outlook 2013 trying to connect?

Category: MS Outlook

I need some help because of my outlook 2010 out of office not working. My mailbox profile for Outlook is different from my mailbox profile for Windows. I have different information on both. When I logged on to Outlook 2010 using different information, I got the following error message.

Your Out Of Office settings cannot be displayed, because the server is currently unavailable. Try again later.

Can I get some assistance regarding this? It would be greatly appreciated!

Category: Exchange Server

I need some help with Exchange 2010. The issue is that out of office not working exchange 2010. The Exchange 2010 users of Out of Office Assistant are not working anymore. When I try, the following error message is displayed.

Error: Out of office assistant settings not displayed, because the server is currently unavailable.

Can someone please help me resolve the problem?

I am starting a business of my own that will include a technical support department. I know it is customary to call it a ‘help desk’, but that sounds very demeaning for the people working there. Can I please get some alternatives as to other names for help desk?

Category: Exchange Server

I have run into a problem while using Exchange. I deleted an email on Outlook by mistake. Afterward, I saw that it was an ost file. The password has been changed. Can someone tell me how ost conversion to pst is done, as I do not know the new password?

Category: Oracle Database

I am having a problem with Chrome. When I open the browser, I am getting this error message.

FRM-92095: Oracle Jinitiator version too low. Please install version or higher.

I assume this means I have to go with oracle jinitiator download to fix the issue, but can someone please explain precisely what the problem is and how to fix it?

Category: Exchange Server

I am having security issues with my Administrator account. I have decided to create local administrator group policy instead. But I do not know the exact process needed to set up local administrator accounts using group policy. Can someone please educate me about the steps to be followed in this case?

Help! I have forgotten my Windows password. How do I proceed with linux windows password reset? I do not have a Windows password reset disk. Can someone please help me reset the password without the disk?

I am using the Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon desktop. I have run into a problem while trying to set up the linux mint desktop sharing using Vino VNC server or vino-server. But the vino-preferences tool for configuring vino-server no longer seems to exist. The desktop sharing menu is missing, too. How can I enable desktop sharing on my device?

Category: MS Works

I need to link gpo to ou. I am working with Windows Server 2008, and I need to know how to link a Group Policy object or GPO to an organizational unit or OU. Please provide the assistance I need.