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November 28th, 2014

What are the basic but detailed steps to consider in servicing a laptop or notebook cooling pad device? I am currently using a cooling pad for notebook or laptop computers with two fans. In recent times I have realized that the fans have caught up with much dust and I would like to get a definite steps to clean these dusts or dirt. Thank you.

What are the simplest and detailed steps to follow in order to make a photocopy of a document on A3 paper to a B5 paper? What are the likely or possible mistakes to occur when rendering such services? Is there a special paper you would prefer or recommend for this task? Thank you.

November 27th

What are the factors to be considered to indicate a possible technical hitch that mights occur when using a Camcorder? How do we handle such difficulties when it happens unexpected as a non-professional technician? I am a tertiary student studying chemical engineering in Tunisia. Angela Ortis is my name. Thank you.

What are the basic safety measures to be considered in the use of a HP laptop charger? How do one relate to the cables of the charger to preserve its potent functionality? What are the likely technical problems to be considered to occur with the use of HP laptop charger? Thank you.

What are the pros and cons of using Internet Explorer Browsers and that of the Torch Browsers? What are the distinct and significant features of the Torch Browser as compared to the Internet Explorer Browser? What are some of the features that can be considered to be similar to both browsing application softwares? Thank you.

What are the professional steps to be considered in servicing a T-P Link device? What are the possible technical challenges that are likely to occur with respect to the use of a T-P Link device for networking? What are the safety measures to be considered in the use of T-P Link? Thank you.

Category: LCD & Plasma

What are the simplest procedures to observe in order to service my LCD Flat Screen Monitor myself? I am a young student who loves to study electronic or computer hardware engineering in the near future. I bought a slightly used LCD Flat Screen and quiet currently, I have realized that the brightness of the monitor is reducing day in day out. I have checked from the brightness button and the developing fault has the nothing to do with it. I strongly believe it is a technical problem. How do I identify the exact spot of problem to be fixed? Thank you.

Sony is rated the second top sponsor of FIFA World Cup among the top-tier sponsors. Sony had its contract signed for eight years by paying 33 billion yen. (approx. $280 million). What is the real reason behind Sony quit from sponsorship? Is Sony not renewing its sponsorship of FIFA World Cup, Why?

It is said that Twitter’s Chief Finance Officer Anthony Noto tweeted a message accidentally which he actually intended to send privately. His message said that “I still think we should buy them. He is on your schedule for Dec 15 or 16 -- we will need to sell him. I have a plan.” What was the Twitter’s CFO tweet all about, any Potential Acquisition?

Category: Hardware

What are the steps to guide me in connecting my Universal Power Supply (UPS) Device to my desktop computer? What are the safety precautions to be observed with respect to the use of the Universal Power Supply (UPS) devices? Prince Aiddo is my name. I am now living in one of the border towns of Ghana. Thank you.