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March 30th, 2015

Now I am using iPhone6 and Bluetooth will not be recognized PLK100 hands free device. When I am using former version of software like 5s its good, but it can’t work with IOS8.I have already reset all the settings and still not working. Please help me How to recover? I want to need this hands free

Category: Web

Can I create gallery to use FB new released features? Can I share or tag photo to use this new features? Can I see past added photoes and updates? What is the new features mainly added into this? Is there any search option? Can I get this facility when use mobile, tab, windows phone?

Hello,Please answers follwoing questions.Is it comfortable for  iPhones, iPods, iPads, Androids?Which metal is used to veiling?Can I use this on  webcam?What is the Magnification on PHOTOJOJO ?What's the Focusing Range?What is the Magnification on Wide Angle Lens in PHOTOJOJO?Please describe PHOTOJOJO lens set.How many categories are available in PHOTOJO?Thank You

Now a day I can hear many people talking about cloud computing and I never speak at that juncture because I know nothing about cloud computing. Is is the process of operating others computer through the internet or anything else. And are the terms cloud computing and cloud storage related with one another? Does cloud computing require a fast internet connection? Can we use the facility of cloud computing as a free member. These all questions are left unanswered in my brain so I would be grateful towards you if you could clear my confusion.

Category: Apple OS

A lot of queries and issues do arise along with the release of OS update. I updated my OS to Yosemite and I can't figure out how to schedule software update on it. I used to remain tension free by scheduling software updates but now, I need to update each software individually. Is there anything I can do to schedule a software update on Yosemite?

Category: Storage Misc

I do not know a lot about processors but I would like to know about cache memory? What is actually that L1 cache, L2 cache and others, does the cache memory have any effect on the processing speed of a computer and why is the size of cache memory so low? I have also noticed that the core i3, i5 and i7 have a larger volume of cache memory. Are the cache memory a part of processors? 

Category: Apple OS

Here's my problem; I'm getting the firmware update 1.2 of Thunderbolt time and again but the thing is, 1.2 is not compatible with my screen because I purchased it back in 2012. Many people are facing the similar problem mentioned above so any comments regarding the problem would really help everyone.

Category: PCs

I don't know about the difference hibernating and shutting down a PC. I, at least, know that shut down takes a lot of time and hibernation doesn't but what are the differences between hibernating and shutting down a PC? And I get the unhandled exception error while running .exe files after hibernation, what the meaning of this?

Category: PC Laptops

I own a SONY laptop labeled VAIO PCG61A14L and it incredulously heats. It sticks on 60-70o Celsius when in ideal but whenever I switch to gaming then the bet is overturned, heat level hits 80o Celsius and I think that it is not normal. I would like to know what is the reason behind it and what can be done by me to prevent this problem? Is it because of some newly installed program or anything else? Should I be formatting my computer?

Category: Hard Drives

Actually, my question is about choosing the right hard drive. How do we distinguish among hard drives of the same capacity? Is it distinguished because of their data processing speed or anything else? I want to know it. Can I know weather a hard disk's processing speed is fast or slow because of its label? Or is it like it has versions in it. Anyway, whatever it has because of data processing, I would like to know.