Ping Your website – SERP Rankings


Ping Your website – SERP Rankings

Pinging words is an internet derived jargon, which means submitting links to new pages of your blogs or websites. The so called search engine bots are directed to crawl the pages & it's related back-links. Pinging is done by submitting the links of pages to Pinging websites. These websites submit those links to search engines. SERP stands for search engine results page – Which updates it's listings upon submission of new links.

It's a well known fact that links that are crawled by Google bots take about 1-2 weeks or even months for indexing new page links. And these links are hoisted over the Search engines. It's not that pinging are limited to only Google Search Engine but it also supports pinging in other search engines like Yahoo, MSN, Bing & Many others. Some of the popular Ping Websites are – Pingoat, Feed Shark, Pingomatic, More can be found at :

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