The Most Popular Business Applications for iPhone

The Most Popular Business Applications for iPhone

Dozens of business publications have rated iPhone Business apps. IPhones areuser friendly, stylish and high quality mobile devices that come with various easy to use and efficient applications. Some of these applications are for business purposes. Below are the iPhone top 13 popularly used business applications:

1. Mobile password safe – due to advancement in technology it is important to have a secure location for storing multiple passwords. This app allows only the user to access accounts since passwords are decrypted in the browser. It is the best application for business professionals who have various accounts, computer code programs and other passwords that are difficult to remember.

2. Currency convert – an iPhone business app that gives a quick and easy method of converting money amounts between 23 currencies. You can update instantly with a tap of your finger to get up to date rates of conversion. You can also sort currencies to store your used currencies on the top of the list for convenience and quick access.

3. Goal Tracker – designed for helping business professionals to reach their goals. It enables users to enter goals, account themselves to them, track progress and organize and separate personal from professional goals.

4. ACTprinter – the most innovative app that helps in saving the environment by avoiding waste of paper. It enables a user to print documents from a Mac PC to iPhone or iPod touch.  It also stores documents electronically for save and easy carrying.

5. I-beam – app that enables you to send items like photos and contact information instantly and directly to other iPhones.  It saves time as well as frustrations by allowing its users to beam information instantly to others without typing or saying it.

6. Ledger – it is best for businesses that want a money management application. With ledger app you can record money transfers, receipts, purchases and loans. You can also view transactions and account details, record either simple or complex transactions easily as well as edit transaction and account information.

7. Timeworks – an app for tracking time and invoicing usable by all business professionals.  Freelancers, consultants, lawyers and salespeople among other business people can track billable hours for creation of invoices. You can also manage and organize time spent on various projects to get a report.

8. TouchCall – iPhone users can easily, conveniently and quickly get information about business on the go. You only need address or phone number of that business.

9. Contact Hero – a business app which is more than just a manager for contacts and online address book. With contact hero you can collect, organize, merge and manage your contacts from several contact management systems.

10. Task2Gather – an app ideal in maintaining all your business, family and personal tasks. You can organize, separate and share tasks with iPhone users and non-users. Tasks can also be pided into subtasks to delegate to colleagues.

11. Photo enhancement apps – used in taking poorly captured grayed photos of whiteboards andmakes them readable as well as making sharp high contrast images of bright whiteboard.

12. Job search applications – iPhone job search apps like is one of the best job aggregators. It allows you to search job by city then email andsave your choice.

13. Voice to text Dictation – the main goal of this app is to convert voice to text in order to tweet, email, text and record the transcript in a file. Some like iTalk recorder can record and store sound file to be accessed later through the app.


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