How to Become a YouTube Partner and Make Money from Your Videos

How to Become a YouTube Partner and Make Money from Your Videos

YouTube is a video sharing website where people can upload and share videos. Users post their videos and recordings. Users can be individuals or media organizations e. g CNN, BBC etc. Other users upload their content through the YouTube partnership program. In summary, registered users upload their content which can be viewed and watched by the audience. Some content are restrictive and can only be made available to registered users. You tube is a subsidiary of Google company. Demand for watching video over the net is high and therefore an opportunity to earn income.

What Is the YouTube Partner Program?

YouTube Partner program allows users to host their content (videos, recordings etc) which can be viewed online by the audience and other users hence an opportunity to generate income which is finally shared with the partners. YouTube Partner also gains access to additional features like branded channels and the chance to host video thumbnails. The partnership program is available in some countries e. g The United States, UK, Sweden etc.

Types of You Tube partners

Basically, there are two types of YouTube partners

Channel Partnership – These are users who upload popular videos on a regular basis and have a number of people following them on YouTube. They may also be users who have published successful online DVD titles.

individual video partnerships – These are users who have a single popular video and want to upload it in order to earn income from this video.

Becoming a you tube Partner Member

You Tube Partner Program Membership is free. You can join You Tube Partner Program by applying at

There are many things to be considered in order to qualify for the partnership program. Examples of things to be considered include ownership of the content (video, audio etc), permission to use videos to earn money, commitment to upload videos regularly and have some people to follow your content on YouTube/Web. You Tube Partners should be adults (18 years of age and above) or in some cases parental or guardian’s consent is required.

Basic Requirements

Original videos creation – The applicant should own 100% the videos and are suitable for online streaming.

AdSense account is required before one can apply for partnership.

Be able to regularly upload videos to be viewed by many YouTube users. Commercially popular content are considered e. g DVDs with content etc.

You Tube evaluate applications by looking at a number of factors e. g. the audience, compliance with You tube requirements, The availability of service in a country etc.

Making Money through YouTube partnership program

You Tube partnership program allow partners to earn money in two ways:

Advertisements – Advertisements are placed alongside the videos which have been uploaded to You Tube.

Renting of videos – renting hosted videos for some fee, in this case there are no advertisements attached to the video.

The revenue earned through advertisements is shared by both the partner and YouTube.

YouTube Partnership Program Benefits:

  1. Earning revenue through your own videos
  2. Renting videos to people. Payment is made before the videos are streamed.
  3. Utilizing Content identification number to control the videos and using YouTube automated tools monitor and stop offensive content.
  4. Unlimited size of content can be uploaded without any limitations.
  5. Viewers have access to high quality videos.
  6. Interactive features available.
  7. Live streaming of videos and broadcasting.

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