Top 13 Enhancements FaceBook Made In 2012 And 2013

Top 13 Enhancements FaceBook Made In 2012 And 2013

Since it was developed, Facebook has become the leading social media network with over 1 billion users. Facebook strives to improve on user experience by the introduction of different enhancements once in a while. 2012 saw a lot of activity in terms of the enhancements Facebook made. 2013 although still young has also seen a number of enhancements introduced. Here are the top 13 enhancements Facebook made within these two years.

Jan 12

Facebook introduced an enhancement which allows users to listen to music with their friends. With this feature you are able to listen to music along with your friends. You can also listen to music as a group while one friend acts as DJ.

Jan 18

Facebook introduced the ability to add apps to your timeline. These apps enable users to update their timeline with activities in real time.

Feb 29

The enhancement introduced focused mainly on pages. It allowed page owners include a cover photo, view friend activity, post larger stories, milestones and view page timeline and, see pinned posts among other activities.

March 8

Facebook introduced the interest lists feature. This enhancement allows users to focus on things that interest them. That is, you are able to organize your Facebook profile with special sections and feeds on topics that interest you. The interest lists feature focuses mostly on public figures and topics you are interested in.

March 21

Facebook added an enhancement that allows you to add some of your friends to your acquaintances list. In the past, if you weren’t interested some friends, all you had to do is unfriend them. With the acquaintances enhancements, you can add these friends to the list which allows you to see less of their posts without their being notified.

April 12

Facebook introduced an enhancement for Facebook addresses. With this enhancement, all addresses other Facebook users use to get to your timelime and send you an email on Facebook were made consistent.

May 1

The organ donation (friends saving lives) enhancement was introduced to enable organ donors indicate so in their timeline. A special feature about this enhancement is that a link is provided to the state and national registry which allows you register as an organ donor.

June 7

Apps have been a major part in social media and gaming. Facebook introduced the app center as a way for you to find social apps in one place. Both mobile and web apps are included in the app center. A special feature in the app center is that there are recommendations of popular apps and those that your friends use.

July 30

Facebook introduced the photo enhancements which allows users view larger photos, find photos they have been tagged in, find pictures they have shared and albums they have created.

August 22

The improved Facebook messages enhancement allows users to view their messages in a side by side layout. The left navigation pane allows users to click on their most recent messages while the right pane allows you to view the whole conversation. This enhancement also allows search messages using the senders name or particular keyword.

October 2

Facebook updated their help center and support dashboard. The help center homepage features 6 topics which link to an overview of all new features and products Facebook rolls out. This provides easier navigation. The support dashboard on the other hand helps users keep track of the reports they submit to Facebook about content violating the Facebook community standards.

December 20

Facebook introduced an enhancement giving you better control over your content. With this enhancement, users are control and manage who is able to see your personal details as well as what you share on Facebook. This enhancement included among other features privacy shortcuts and the request and removal tool for managing multiple photos you’re tagged in.

January 15

The graph search enhancement was introduced which involves search using combined phrases which produces results of people, images, interests and places associated with the search term. The graph search appears as a large search bar on the top of each page.


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