Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Pirated Software

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Pirated Software

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pirated software to all human beings?

In these tips, I will first provide the Pros of the pirated software and will be discussing the Cons in the latter part. These are:


1. Buying pirated software is cost-efficient and cheap. It is less costly rather than buying original software that not everyone  can afford.

2. Software such as Adobe and Microsoft products, among others, can be greatly used by students, beginners and starters. These people can study the software and acquire knowledge and skills to become a developer, graphic designer, programmer or desktop technician.

3. It is for people who cannot buy original software such as Microsoft products due to lack of financial resources. And also, if you want to save money, then this is for you.

4. Pirated software is extremely easy to find; whether online, from stalls along the street or simply given by friends. In fact, in many cases, it is easier for someone to go online and download an illegal copy of a software program than to drive to a store and buy it from a retailer.


1. Prone to crashes. If you acquire a fake software which suddenly crashes, you will not be able to complain about the defective purchase because it's fake.

2. When you are updating an operating system, and suddenly your CD-key has been detected as fake, this might lead to a complicated situation.

3. Other pirated versions contain bugs. It could just force you to remove the program that was installed recently. Again, you cannot update or complain because it is a fake software.

4. When the programmer, developer, or publisher's program is pirated, they do not receive the right amount for their product. Software development can be very expensive, so the cost needs to be regained in sales. If they do not get a large profit or at least break even, they cannot afford to fund another round of research and development or create new and improved versions of their product.

5. Due to the fact that one usually does a lot of downloading from different websites, a pirate is very susceptible to downloading a Trojan or spyware. Also, many supposed manipulated software and keygens are actually malware in disguise.  Because of this, the pirate can lose passwords to his e-mail, MySpace, and even his bank account. If he is caught, and the company decides to press charges, this can lead to stiff fines and prison time. 


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