Zone Alarm Firewall Error in Firefox 9

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I am currently operating with  the free Zone Alarm firewall. I recently upgraded my Firefox to 9.0.1, now the following message keeps showing up whenever I try to start the program, which as you can imagine is very annoying.

load:Type Error:Components.classes[';1'] is undefined.

If I click “ok” in the box the browser comes up

I went into Add-ons > Extensions > and the Zone Alarm part is grayed out saying: "Zone Alarm security engine will be disabled after you restart Firefox". Obviously this is unacceptable (when I restart it nothing happens), but I haven't discovered a fix for it yet. I've Google it, however I can't seem to find much information.

Is my only option to try a different firewall until they can solve this?

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Zone Alarm Firewall Error in Firefox 9


Hello Caspian zec.

I’ve read your problem and it seems that your Zone Alarm plugin is outdated, and is not compatible with the Firefox version, you are using. You might not be using the latest version of Zone Alarm, try downloading latest version, as for some reason your Zone Alarm might not be auto updating to latest version. So, to download the latest version, please visit the link below:".

This problem can occur if any of your plugins are outdated. So, I will suggest you to check your plugins if they are updated? To do so please follow this link: "" Upon opening this link you will come across a page where you can determine, which of the plugins needs to be updated. Simply update the plugin from the Action menu there.

Also, enable auto update for Firefox, so you are using the latest software version, whenever Firefox auto updates, it checks plugin compatibility.

Hope this helps.

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