Mozilla Firefox Registration Failure Error

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Greetings my friends I have been searching for this error solution all over the internet but still got no answers to it so now I am asking you fellows to answer this question so I can get this done and can move forward with my work.

Now the main issue is that I was installing an upgrade of chrome where I received this error that Firefox cannot install this item because chrome registration failed.

Firefox could not install this item because of a failure in Chrome Registration. Please contact the author about this problem.

Now I don’t understand that why is that so why does Firefox not accept this update?

Is this update un-registered?

I don’t think that updates need to be registered they are just packages to be installed.

Now all I need is that someone out of you friends help me out and tell me how to make it registered or get rid of this error without registration.

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Mozilla Firefox Registration Failure Error


Hi there,

In your post you did not mention what operating system you are using in the pc you are trying to update Google chrome. But it seems that you are using either Windows Vista or Windows Seven with “User Access Control” turned on. The “User Access Control” or better known as UAC restricts which software can make changes to your operating system or system files which include administrative right. 

Since Firefox does not have the administrative right to make changes to your PC it is giving the error you are encountering. So to solve this problem, just right-click a Firefox shortcut and choose Run as administrator. Your Firefox should now start with administrative rights and your chrome installation should proceed smoothly.

Good Luck!

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Mozilla Firefox Registration Failure Error



This problem might also for add-ons. There are many add-ons that looks like good but they are the mostly condemned for trouble.

  • Go to Firefox menu >> Add-ons >> Extensions tab
  • Find out any extension that you didn’t install by yourself.
  • Remove the extension.
  • If needed, restart your Firefoxx

If that doesn’t work,

  • From the Firefox menu, go to Help >> Restart with Add-ons Disabled…
  • Confirm the function.

Let’s see if your problem can still stay in your Firefox.

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