Wireless connection on my linksys software to Router WRT54g

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The Linksys software in my Laptop is not connecting with my wireless router WRt54G and software gives the message of no internet connectivity. This happens when I re-installed the Vista home and tries to configure it but none of the router ports light up except some other lights. I checked the cables and unplugged it all and pressed reset button but it still router does not configure with my laptop.

Why my router is connecting with my Laptop? Is Vista not properly re-installed or are there any other configured settings in it?

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Wireless connection on my linksys software to Router WRT54g


When none of the router's port LEDs are not showing activity, that means there's no connectivity to the PC and router. Try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Try another Ethernet cable. Make sure you switch the ends of the cables that you're using to test.
  2. You mentioned none of the port lights are on but some of the others are. Is your Power light flashing? That means you need to get the latest firmware for your router. You can get it here:
  3. If you have the latest firmware but still there's no activity with the LED lights, try a ping test. On your Vista machine, type cmd in the search field of the Start Menu (pearl Windows). Type ping in the command prompt:
Ethernet cable

You should get Sent =4, Received =4, Lost = 0 <0% loss> as a result. This would indicate that your PC can communicate with the router. Try to access your router's page through your browser and configure your settings.

Hope that helps! For more info on Linksys routers and troubleshooting, try the Cisco knowledge base, I've found it extremely useful:

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