Problem on wireless internet connection

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I got a ASUS G50VT series Notebook and I recently restored it back to its factory settings. From then on its connectivity has not
been steady.

The signal however indicates that the connection is good. It connects well but after every two (2) to five (5) minutes it
disconnects, it keeps on going like that even when I am near the router or some distance from the router.

Although when I am directly connected to the router through a cable it works fine but when I am using the wireless mode it gets unsteady.

I don’t know if the problem is being caused by the connectivity settings on the laptop.

Any help please?

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Problem on wireless internet connection



You will need to configure your ndiswrapper module for wireless. The method that I will give you can only be used if you have no native drivers for your wireless. Ensure that the drives you install match with your Linux distribute. That is 32 bit Windows drivers for 32bit Linux and 64 for 64.

If you have to use a 8k stack kernel then you have to just compile your own. Use the following method to install the latest version of ndiswrapper apt-get install linux-header-uname -r then apt-get install build-essential. Follow this to install and it will be ready to use.

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Problem on wireless internet connection


Hello David,

Are sure that when you are using the wireless network you are within the signal range; because when you try to use it when you are outside the signal range or you are at place where the signal is too low then you will not be able to connect successfully.

Another thing that can be the possible cause of the problem is that the WiFi settings are missing. When you restored the factory settings of the system, the WiFi settings might have disappeared and then you are required to configure them afresh for the connection to be successful.


Lee Hung

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