Wireless B Card & secondary network cards

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I  have a question about my laptop. It says here, that it has internal wireless B card, and I was wondering how I could actually get faster speed in terms of connection.

I have heard that I could also use a secondary network card to be able to do so. I hope you can answer my question.

Thank you.


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Wireless B Card & secondary network cards


There is no actual way to increase you connection in terms of adding or replacing a new network card. It just won't work and it will only be a waste a money. What I would suggest to you are do this two things.

  • First of all you can ask your service provider or ISP to increase your bandwidth. But it comes with a price so be prepare. This way you will have a faster internet connection.
  • Second you need to increase your network speed. Why is this so? You need to have a faster connectivity from your wireless router to you wireless device. I suggest that you buy those 512MB type of wireless router to maximize it. Not only will you have fast access to the router but an increase in internet speed as well.

I hope this helps you with you problem.

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Wireless B Card & secondary network cards


Replacing the wireless adapter won't help your Internet connection increase the speed. However, it does help a bit if your wireless adapter is failing and is always intermittent.

This does happen if the wireless adapter itself encountered hardware failure and it always disconnected from the Internet then you might consider replacing this hardware.

After installing new wireless adapter, you will notice the difference between the old wireless card and the new card. The difference might be is the stability of the Internet connection. Less intermittent and the internet speed is stable and constant.

However, this does not increase the actual Internet speed provisioned by your Internet Service Provider on your account. If you need more Internet speed then you need to upgrade your subscription up to the highest speed they offer.

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