Linksys N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router

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I have recently bought this Linksys N300 WiFi Router on $40. It is fairly good and it promises of speed of 20 Mbps. I am now extremely annoyed when I saw that my seed on was only around 0.80 Mbps. What can I do to make it in 20 Mbps? Actually, my friend and I had bought the router at the same time in the same price but he is enjoying the speed of 20 Mbps and I am having a hard time sticking with 1 Mbps. What is the problem's cause? Should I call technical help or should I buy a new one?

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Linksys N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router


Hello Katherine!

Before jumping to conclusion of replacing your device please consider my expert advice first.

Update your software driver for your Network Adapter card. To do this follow the steps illustrated below.

1. On “My Computer/Computer,” right click and then select “Manage.”

2. “Computer Management” window will pop-up. Select “Device Manager” from the left pane.

3. You’ll see list of your hardware in the main pane. Drop down the “Network Adapters.” Right-click on one of it and select “Update Software Driver.” Follow the on-screen guide and restart your computer after completing it.

Remove some of your Startup Programs.

1. Press and hold “Windows” button plus “R” button in your keyboard. Run dialog box will pop-up.

2. Type “msconfig”. System Configuration window will pop-up in your screen.

3. Go to “Startup” tab and click the link “Open Task Manager.”

4. In “Startup” Tab one-by-one disable the programs that you don’t want to include in your system boot.

5. By this you conserve computer memory and will boost the speed of your computer.

Access your router.

1. Open any browser, type “” or for others “”. It will direct you to your router’s settings. Better to check the internet speed real-time and check if you can update the firmware of the router.

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