Can Bluetooth devices have the facility of WI-FI?

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Hi to everyone. Bluetooth devices are used to transfer data without wire as well as talk on mobile handsets. I have a question whether we can use Bluetooth devices as WI-FI enabled devices so that we could also connect with internet by catching signal from DSL WI-FI ROUTER. Can anyone give some information about it?

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Can Bluetooth devices have the facility of WI-FI?


Hello Olivia. Bha,

Thanks for asking us.

There are many differences between Bluetooth and WiFi technology. If we see working, then we can find Bluetooth and WiFi in the same zone but these are not same.

And same as this, the working technology is also different.

The main thing which makes us suspected in this regard is this that there is only one transmitter is used to transmit the data of Bluetooth and WiFi.

WiFi and Bluetooth are commonly comes together in the laptops. But we cannot use the WiFi as Bluetooth and Bluetooth as WiFi.

WiFi has a very fast speed of transmitting the data approximately 54 mbps whereas the Bluetooth has only maximum 12 MB per Minute.

We cannot use Bluetooth to receive internet from a WiFi enabled device.


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