Wired X360 Vibrating Alert Does Not Work

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I am using Windows 7, and I bought and installed a wired X360 controller in my PC; the performance is good and all components work very well in most of the games like DMC4 and X-men Wolverine, but only in Track Mania Nations, FIFA 08, and NFSMW games that vibration does not work. Please help me in finding answers on how to fix this problem. Thank you so much.

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Wired X360 Vibrating Alert Does Not Work


Hallo Josephine rodriguez,

If the other games like X-Men Wolverine on your computer system are able to vibrate when using the wired x360 controller application to play them on your PC, then the problem as to why the fifa 08 and the Need for Speed are not working well with the vibration should be due to the settings of those games.

I do not think the problem may be with the controller since  if that was the case then all the other games could have been affected too. Therefore you should just check the sound settings for fifa 08 and the other games that are having problems and enable the vibration function in them.

Hope this helps.

Mahesh Babu


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